Chrissy Winkler

Vice President, Client Services

Fostering relationships, bringing people together

Chrissy is motivated by the connections she makes with others. She looks for way to help people connect to their goals – whether they’re clients, family, or friends.  She drives growth for our business by increasing our client portfolio, inspiring the team and creating exciting sales opportunities for our people.

For over 20 years, Chrissy has been serving clients and leading teams in the realms of strategy, process improvement, and employee adoption and engagement. Whether working with a Fortune 500 company or a public entity, Chrissy brings enthusiasm, positivity and pragmatism to her client work.

Chrissy is a proud school volunteer and member of the board of directors for Goodwill Denver, an avid world-traveler, a lover of all things food, and a Hoosier basketball fan.

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Chrissy's Insights

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