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We help clients navigate today's disruptive business environment and create a path to thrive with consulting services that span analytics and insights, customer experience, and digital enablement.

Our Services

We Work with You to Drive Business Value

We take the time to understand your unique challenges before we develop your solution. This allows us to tailor our consulting expertise and capabilities around your business needs, ensuring greater results and success over the long term.

Recent Insights

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Analytics: Novel Insights for the Modern Customer

What is CX Analytics? How can it revolutionize your revenue growth strategy and improve customer loyalty?

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Customer Experience

Goodbye Isn’t Forever, Part II: How to Design a Compelling Customer Re-engagement Program

Designing a re-engagement program for lapsed or lost customers is a key way to grow revenue

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Simplify and Save with Serverless Computing

Serverless computing has advantages, such as saving your organization money, simplifying CI/CD pipelines, and shortening software development lifecycle significantly but it is important to understand when using it makes sense

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Analytics & Insights

How to Make First Impressions Count with a Solid DAS

Your first project is the most important when creating a data-driven culture

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What our clients are saying

I value RevGen for their integrity, reliability, quality of work, contribution to our organization, and technical acumen.

The investment we made in our partnership with RevGen has paid many dividends. They worked to understand our business first rather then bring a canned model and try to cram it into our business model. This made them different than any other consultant we have used.

RevGen helped accelerate our transformation into a data-driven organization by empowering us with the tools and knowledge we needed to go from a concept to reality. We believe this will give us an important competitive advantage long into the future.

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