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Growing Revenues through Data-Driven Pricing Strategy

Through a combination of data science and business expertise, RevGen devised a strategy that would grow our client’s revenues by more than 20%.

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We Work with You to Drive Business Value

We take the time to understand your unique challenges before we develop your solution. This allows us to tailor our consulting expertise and capabilities around your business needs, ensuring greater results and success over the long term.

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Using a Factory Analogy to Understand Intelligent Automation

Digital Enablement

By categorizing Intelligent Automation by its parts, like a factory does, it becomes easy to understand how they all work together.

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AI Data Series Part 2: AI Data Analytics

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Implementing an AI Data Analytics solution can bring additional efficiency and insight if you start by building these foundational components

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What Our Clients are Saying

"RevGen brought deep expertise and skills to our project and partnered with us in a collaborative way. RevGen’s respectful and thoughtful style of partnering helped develop a strong and trusting relationship. Our Data Science initiative was a success and will provide a roadmap for expanding our organizational capabilities in advanced analytics and bring positive ROI for the business. I’d recommend RevGen to other organizations looking to advance their capabilities in the
Data Science space."

"I value RevGen for their integrity, reliability, quality of work, contribution to our organization, and technical acumen."

"The investment we made in our partnership with RevGen has paid many dividends. They worked to understand our business first rather then bring a canned model and try to cram it into our business model. This made them different than any other consultant we have used."

"RevGen helped accelerate our transformation into a data-driven organization by empowering us with the tools and knowledge we needed to go from a concept to reality. We believe this will give us an important competitive advantage long into the future."

"For Clayton Early Learning, [bringing on] RevGen was an exceptional decision. RevGen brought expertise in business process optimization as well as flexibility and creativity to ensure that we could use this framework effectively for our non-profit organization. By working through a clear and productive methodology, RevGen focused on providing the facilitation and documentation for a first workshop, while also training and building capacity among our own staff members to lead this work in the future. While RevGen typically focuses on much larger engagements, [they] believe in giving back to the community and this engagement delivered significant value to Clayton Early Learning. I strongly recommend RevGen to others who are looking to optimize their business operations and improve both efficiency and effectiveness."

"“The RevGen team is by far the most intelligent and capable team I have ever worked with. I trust you and your team 500% and look forward to working with you long term.”"

Recent Success Stories

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Business Intelligence as a Service

Analytics & Insights

Modernizing and standardizing operations with business intelligence data, reporting and intake processes.

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BI Tools

Data and Analytics Tool Rationalization

Technology ServicesAnalytics & Insights

Simplifying the technology landscape to reduce costs and improve capabilities

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Process Improvement Consulting for Financial Companies

Digital Enablement

Adding continuous improvement to boost efficiency, innovation, and problem-solving

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