Ian Foley

Director, Analytics and Insights

Ian believes that our greatest successes as humans come from respectful and positive collaboration. He is passionate about helping clients harness the power of data to drive improved alignment with customers, better strategy realization, and stronger market positioning.

Ian has been successful in both industry and consulting enabling him to bring a mix of experiences and expertise to clients. He believes deeply in the power of ethics and integrity which serve as a cornerstone of all of his relationships.

Outside of work, Ian enjoys traveling and being outdoors with his family. He is an avid golfer and serves as the VP of Strategy and Development for The Invictus Initiative.

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Ian's Insights

Technology Services

Reduce Time-to-Insights from Your Data & Analytics

Accelerating turnaround time for insights eases internal decision making and adaptability. Using new technology considerations alongside organizational enablements can drastically reduce the time to insights

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Analytics & Insights

New Year, New Evolution

Resolutions for evolving your Data and Analytics Capabilities

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Analytics & Insights

Enable Your Remote Data Workers

What your data workers need to provide the insights you want

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Analytics & Insights

How to Build a Data-Driven Culture

Steps organizations can take to make data a central part of their culture

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