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Translate the promises of Artificial Intelligence to pragmatic, sustainable solutions for your business.

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RevGen brings the holistic expertise needed to translate the promises of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to pragmatic, sustainable solutions for your business. We do this through our relentless focus on delivering tangible results with the optimal blend of business acumen and technological innovation.

Recent technological innovations in AI have created unprecedented potential for adding value to today’s modern enterprise. This is why we at RevGen view AI as a factory for augmented insights, automations, and efficiencies that can empower today’s workforce like never before.

The AI Factory

AI, simply put, is a factory for augmented insights and efficiencies. Augmented, because these insights and efficiencies aren’t replacing the human element but empowering them. Data is transformed by AI processes into tangible and valuable results, driven by action.

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Raw Materials

  • Strategy & goals
  • Structured / unstructured data
  • Business knowledge
  • Data & cloud infrastructure

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  • Data engineering
  • Automation
  • Augmentation
  • Predictive modelling

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  • Improved experiences
  • Accelerated insights
  • Speed to action
  • Prediction
  • Detection / response

How We Build Value with AI


The “AI Factory” is a tool for empowering businesses to harness their data to achieve high-impact results, such as:


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Sales & Revenue

  • Sales productivity (auto contact, interaction, action capture)
  • Pricing intelligence, optimization, and automation
  • Intelligent and real-time sales scripting

We built an AI model to help our client optimize pricing


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  • Digital / virtual “right touch” customer interactions
  • Real-time sentiment understanding
  • Automated incident detection and response

How we used data science and CX expertise to help our client


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Cost Optimization &
Operational Efficiencies

  • Intelligent process mining for automation
  • Process automation and augmentation
  • Supply chain and inventory optimization

We used intelligent automation to boost this accounting department’s efficiency


A man draws on a tablet with a stylus, moving around charts and data. A glowing holograph of a network floats above his hands.


Innovation &

  • Acceleration for research and insights
  • Digital and human workforce collaboration
  • Digital and analytical product throughput/output

Learn more about building learning models using cloud technologies


Our Approach


When implemented as a solution to a critical business need, AI enables businesses to automate processes, make decisions, and unlock insights from their data.
A diagram showing the RevGen Approach to getting value from AI: Need Identified, Buy-In Created, Operationalize Learnings, Realize Tactical Value, Create Continuous Value
Need Identified – Identify use cases that will be impactful to your business by listening for opportunities or pain points. Begin articulating an AI strategy.
Create Buy-In – Define ROI for identified use cases and build out prototypes to understand the technologies and build excitement among stakeholders.
Operationalize – Expand prototypes and incorporate into normal business processes.  Begin tracking usage and value creation.  Build out DevOps/MLOps frameworks to reduce the cost of development and maintenance.
Tactical Value – Recognize value through increased sales and revenue, improved CX measures, cost optimization and efficiencies.
Continuous Value – Build AI competencies and innovation capabilities, establish governance and ethics functions, implement continuous improvement.

RevGen's AI Services


Bringing together our business acumen and technology expertise, RevGen offers a suite of services to guide you along your AI journey. From AI strategy to tactical implementation and architecture, we have the expertise to help you realize the promises of AI.


A clipboard with gameplan icon, representing AI Strategy

AI Strategy

RevGen builds strategies to bring AI into your organization

  • Identify and define AI use cases
  • Articulate value
  • Establish implementation plan

AI Solution Builds

RevGen builds fully productionalized AI solutions

  • Problem identification
  • Architecture & modeling
  • Data preparation & ingestion
  • Change management / operationalization

Technology & Architecture

RevGen helps you identify the right frameworks to accelerate AI, including:

  • Machine Learning
  • Generative AI
  • Natural Language Processing
  • ML-Ops / DevOps
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

An icon of a gear, representing AI-as-a-service


RevGen brings experts with would-class AI experience into your organization to partner with your:

  • Data science teams
  • Application development teams
  • Customer Experience (CX) teams

AI Tools & Technologies

At RevGen, we work in leading-edge cloud platforms and technologies, accelerating time to value from AI. We believe that technology is the enabler to achieving tangible business outcomes from your “AI Factory”. By understanding the challenge at hand, we work together with you to determine the right technology stack to help you reach your goals.

An Icon depicting AI and Generative AI
Generative AI

Accelerate research and insights powered by large language models.

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Data Science

Why did it happen, what will happen, and what to do about it.

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Intelligent Automation

Identify and automate manual processes with disciplines like RPA and AI-driven automation.

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Power Automate logo
An icon depicting machine learning ops

Streamline and operationalize Machine Learning models and output.

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ML Flow logo

Amazon SageMaker logo Logo

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Cognitive Services

Translate documents, voice, images, text, etc. to usable data for your organization.

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Why RevGen


At RevGen, we are laser focused on tangible outcomes and sustainable success from AI. Over 90% of our clients choose to reengage with us because we help them:


Show wins through revenue generation

Build loyalty through optimized moments that matter

Accelerate time-to-value through key efficiencies

Spur transformation through tech innovation


Taking Your AI to the Next Level


RevGen has experience helping organizations develop their internal AI maturity, bringing efficiency, innovation, and value to businesses by leveraging and enhancing existing tools and structures.


A man sits at his computer typing. Code is displayed across his three monitors.


Optimizing Your Tech

With expertise in the leading cloud and AI technologies, we are uniquely equipped to work with your existing technical solutions, whether you use a single provider or multiple services.


A man stands with his back to the camera, looking at a holographic projection of a network, with several icons representing AI and data called out on the sides.


Aligning with Your Strategy

We help our clients by providing a unified, holistic view of their AI capabilities, ensuring that every new deployment or continuous improvement initiative meets your strategic objectives.


A woman smiles as she offers a suggestion to her project team gathered around a conference table.


Maturing Your Capabilities

Our focus is on adding capabilities and expertise that fills gaps on existing teams, ensuring the quality of your AI products, while accelerating growth and improving overall efficiency.


Our Experts

A headshot of Principal Architect Anne Lifton


Anne Lifton

Anne is a Principal Architect of Artificial Intelligence at RevGen partners. She is an expert at bringing big outcomes through the breakthrough capabilities AI is offering business.

A headshot of Data Science Manager Meghan Villard


Meghan Villard

Meghan is a Sr. Manager of Artificial Intelligence at RevGen Partners.  She is passionate about empowering clients to make data-driven decisions that deliver value to their business.

David Pratt, RevGen Sr. Architect


David Pratt

David is a Senior Architect at RevGen Partners. He focuses on using Cloud Architecture, Cloud Operations, and ML-OPS to build scalable, cost-effective, and reliable solutions in the cloud.

A headshot of Neel Pelser, RevGen Sr. Architect


Neel Pelser

Neel is a Senior Architect at RevGen Partners, specializing in intelligent automation and enterprise systems. He has deep experience leveraging process and data to improve operational efficiency.

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RevGen helped our client design, develop, and deploy a customized performance management platform with the goal of improving overall customer experience through better feedback. 

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