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Generative AI and the Call Center

Learn how the new Generative AI technology can be put to use in a contact center.

A circuit board in tones of blue and pink is powered by a chip that reads "AI"

By now, we have all heard of Generative AI. It’s the hottest technology out there, with several well-known tools, such as ChatGPT, making headlines. However, much of the fervor around Generative AI has focused on the technology itself and not how it can be applied for business use.

At RevGen Partners, we know that the real value of this technology is in its ability to make the workforce more efficient and more productive. To demonstrate this, we have put together a quick video explaining how Generative AI can be tailored for use in a contact center to craft customized scripts for agents that can increase revenues and provide better customer experiences.



Of course, call centers aren’t the only place that Generative AI can be used to boost efficiency. AI and Machine Learning is already being used in a myriad of industries to generate new insights and automate rote tasks. Contact us to learn more about how RevGen can help you harness the power of this transformative technology.

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