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Maximize the value of your data assets to gain a competitive advantage

The growth of data is relentless. And the capabilities between and within organizations to effectively leverage the value of that data are increasingly disparate. RevGen helps organizations at all stages of data maturity grow and sustain their capabilities to drive actionable insights and create value from their data. From defining a data and analytics strategy to building an analytics platform (think traditional BI, accelerated insights, big data strategy solutions and more) to nurturing and expanding data competencies, RevGen uses your business data to create an analytics strategy framework that works for you.

Data and Analytics Strategy

By understanding your business strategy, and aligning your people, processes, data and technology, we can help you define a successful data and analytics strategy and roadmap that produces insights, action, and business value.

Data Science

We develop the models and analytics, along with the business integrations that enable your organization to unlock the power of data science with specific data strategies that drive significant business value.

Accelerated Insights

We help organizations reduce time-to-insights by leveraging accelerator technologies and agile delivery approaches; establishing collaborative operating models; and helping you instill a data-driven culture within your business.

BI as a Service

We provide BI skills and services to augment your existing team: filling skill and resource gaps from strategic and advisory, to tactical design and development, to a fully outsourced managed service.

Data Engineering

We help move, process, store, and make easily accessible large, varied, and high velocity data using data engineering tools and projects that enable your data science, advanced operational, and traditional visualization needs.

Data Governance

We use data management best practices to establish the right processes, tools, integrations, and collaborative organization structures, enabling you to better manage, share, and attain business value from your data assets.

Data Privacy

We enable your data privacy compliance with the dizzying array of growing data security and privacy legislation and regulations by translating those requirements into the requisite people, process, and technology infrastructure.

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Success Stories

Analytics & Insights

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Analytics & Insights

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Analytics & Insights

BI Tool Rationalization

Align business intelligence technologies with skills and culture to leverage data and develop a strategy that helps increase value from that data

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Analytics & Insights

When Omnichannel Data Science Leads to Better Customer Experience

RevGen Partners helped a national telecom client better understand their customers’ usage of omnichannel platforms through data science, analytics, and persona development.

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