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Crafting a Data & Analytics Strategy and Proof-of-Concept Dashboard

Our client needed a clear, detailed path to resolving their data availability, quality and reporting confidence issues. RevGen stepped in to craft a holistic Data & Analytics Strategy to give them a way forward.

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Project Overview

Our client had significant issues with inefficiencies in their data and analytics functions, stemming from having disparate technologies and reporting processes. They brought RevGen in to address these pain points through crafting a Data & Analytics Strategy (DAS) that would have the buy-in of all their key stakeholders. To do so, we had to dive deeper than just building a roadmap; we also needed to provide them with technical recommendations and a proof-of-concept dashboard to show them the “art of the possible”.

Client Challenge

The client faced challenges in leveraging their abundant data for impactful decision-making due to outdated technologies, departmental silos, and a proliferation of “citizen developers” creating disparate solutions internally.

No clear path to data maturity

Our client had lots and lots of data and a common issue: no straight-forward way to use it to drive consistent and impactful business decisions. These data issues were compounded by inefficient and outdated technologies, as well as several departments operating at cross-purposes when it came to tracking metrics and reporting on KPIs. 

No governing body for data and reporting

Citizen developers” were popping up all over the organization to build their own data solutions, leading to even more confusion around data quality and reporting. 

Proof of ROI and specific business value prior to data transformation investments

Like most companies, our client’s leadership wanted to ensure that a large-scale data transformation would provide significant business value and would be a sound investment of time and money.


RevGen held discovery sessions with stakeholders to align priorities, crafted a holistic Data & Analytics Strategy addressing pain points across people, process, data, and technology, and developed a proof-of-concept dashboard to showcase the transformative potential of enhanced data capabilities. 


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Through stakeholder engagement and strategic planning, RevGen provided the client with a roadmap for data maturity, specific architecture, and a tangible demonstration of the benefits of a transformation project.

Led stakeholder visioning sessions

RevGen brought various stakeholders from the business, industry, and technology sides of the business together to align and prioritize data and analytics solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Crafted a client-tailored Data & Analytics Strategy

After gathering stakeholder priorities, we created a holistic DAS, with step-by-step milestones. The strategy included detailed recommendations across 4 key areas: People, Process, Data, and Technology and included recommendations to facilitate data governance and change enablement. 

Created a proof-of-concept reporting dashboard

Strategy in hand, we built a dashboard to help generate buy-in and educate leadership on what is possible with greater data maturity.


The client gained clarity on next steps and milestones, expressed satisfaction with the detailed recommendations provided, and obtained buy-in from leadership, paving the way for the implementation of transformative data initiatives.

Clearly defined next steps and milestones

To quote our client: “The readouts provided the most detailed recommendations we have ever seen.” This DAS gave them a clear path forward in their data capabilities, with actionable next steps. The proof-of-concept dashboard clarified the vision for key stakeholders, so the transformative aspects of the next steps would have buy-in from leadership. 

Specific architecture and technology recommendations

Based on our findings through the visioning sessions, we were able to leave the client with a specific recommendation for Data Lakehouse Architecture to implement. 

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