Customer Experience Transformation

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you

Growing and sustaining a business in the age of the customer requires new ways of thinking. Organizations need to shift from an inside-out perspective about customers to an outside-in perspective, especially in terms of the tools, logistics, and planning that go into crafting an outstanding customer experience.

At RevGen, we’re customer experience experts, helping organizations better align their business strategy with customer needs and expectations. From measuring customer value to providing customer experience focused IT solutions to building and enabling great experiences, RevGen’s CX consultants help make it easy for your clients to do business with you and drive your future success.

Learn more about RevGen’s perspective in this business insight, Empathy is at the Heart of the Customer Experience, and in the client success stories and insights below.

CX Analytics

Relying on over a decade of CX consulting experience, we pair modern data science with our deep understanding of CX best practices to unlock novel, actionable insights about what your customers want. Our customer experience analytics consultants set you up with understandable and measurable benchmarks and roadmaps to reach your goals.

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Customer Understanding

Get a better view of who your customers are and how they interact with you​ through customer personas, journey maps, voice of the customer (VOC) analysis, and more. Our customer experience associates dive into not just VOC, but their psychology and behavior analysis. Then we use those insights to optimize your customer experience offerings, allowing you to create personalized and premium experiences.

CX Maturity Management

Ascertain your baseline performance and build CX maturity with data-driven insights. We can help you define metrics, build dashboards, deploy continuous improvement efforts, and drive retention. Whether your organization wants to improve its customer experience for ecommerce, in-person experiences, or both, understanding your CX maturity can allow you to spark a customer experience transformation.

Design for Customer Experience

Align the outside-in needs of your customers with the inside-out capabilities​ of your organization. We apply a customer experience capabilities framework to best align your people, process, technology, and data. Our consultants enable your organization to offer up the most premium customer experience possible.

Success Stories

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