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Drive customer loyalty and company value with CX Analytics.

When enacted strategically, Customer Experience (CX) creates brand trust, customer loyalty and sustained company growth. It has been—and continues to be—the competitive differentiator.
Modern CX has evolved well beyond reactive customer service and cost-center thinking. This new world of CX includes highly predictive analytics that deepen our understanding of data and drive targeted, specific offerings and experiences that customers find highly valuable.
CX analytics is the lynchpin between customer insight and company performance. With expert knowledge of customer sentiment, preference, and behaviors, RevGen Partners turns disparate customer data into relevant, actionable, decision points to drive value for customers and brand trust, loyalty, and growth for companies.

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Our Approach

Our goal is to always be your trusted advisor while we work together to achieve the outcomes most important to you and your customers. 

Graphic showing the RevGen approach to CX Analytics implementation. The 5 steps include: Listen to Customers, Consolidate Data, Analyze and Learn, Fix the right problem, and Realize CX Value

CX Analytics Services

We partner with clients to understand how customer insights are gathered, how data and analytics is used to understand customer needs, sentiment, behavior and trends. Then, we use this information to determine which CX metrics are most impactful to driving customer success and company value.

Choose the Right CX Metrics: Choose the right metrics that best capture your customers’ needs to drive desired industry and organizational performance and that delivers the most value to customers.

Evaluate CX Analytics Model: Understand current analytics models and how they compare to best design practices that enable metric performance and maturity

Build Customer Data Platform: Assess, understand, design and build data infrastructure—one that informs customer-centric, data-driven decision making and actions.

Drive Customer Excellence with CX Intelligence: Evolve KPI performance by taking the guesswork out of what customers want and turning insights into action to deliver what really matters to them.

Executive Alignment, Governance, and Culture: Align, support, and manage disconnected customer experience efforts and investments across the company to optimize and prove ROI.

Mature CX Performance: Evolve metric performance by design—not default—through focusing on the right actions in the right place at the right time.

CX Analytics Examples

Graphic showing two examples where CX Analytics can be deployed using the RevGen approach: Customer dissatisfaction & churn and Upselling & cross-selling

Why RevGen

  • OUR EXPERIENCE. We understand how to evolve brand trust, customer loyalty, and company outcomes with your most valuable asset: current customers. 
  • OUR APPROACHWe are a trusted advisor – a partner – who focuses on solutions that matter to you and your customers. 
  • OUR CLIENT OUTCOMES.  We start with the outcomes you want to achieve, and we design and deliver solutions that create success for your customer and company. 

When it comes to Customer Experience, RevGen takes a holistic, outside-in, data-driven approach to understand what creates customer success and drives company performance.  

We use analytics to provide depth of insights and additional context to consumer data. These findings help us quickly identify and fix root cause issues so you can take advantage of untapped opportunities.  

RevGen sits at the intersection of data analysis and CX expertise. We help our clients solve the right problems and act on opportunities in ways that are measurable and enduring. Most importantly, we empower your customers to be successful with your products and services.

Our Experts

Lori Carr
Director, Customer Experience

Lori Carr’s Bio

Ian Foley
Director, Analytics & Insights

Ian Foley’s Bio


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