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Driving CX with Analytics

Cutting through the data noise to define the customer journey and find the right metrics to drive an improved customer experience.

By mapping the customer journey and applying the latest in CX analytics, RevGen Partners set a nascent CX Center of Excellence up for success.

Project Overview

By mapping the customer journey and applying the latest in CX analytics, RevGen Partners set a nascent CX Center of Excellence up for success.

Client Challenge

Ready to tackle some of the more daunting customer experience (CX) tasks, an expanding financial services company with a wide variety of client portfolios created a new CX Center of Excellence (COE) organization. However, the young department had little CX data or experience to work from. So, they turned to RevGen Partners to help develop a clear roadmap to measure and improve upon their existing CX strategy.

No defined baseline

With an ongoing digital transformation, the client lacked a defined customer journey and touchpoints to use as a baseline to capture data and create meaningful metrics.

Unclear customer data

A lack of defined CX metrics made it impossible to make informed business decisions that would improve the customer experience.

A CX roadmap and framework

Being a newly formed CX group, there was no vision for how to mature the organization’s CX capability and no clear next steps.


To propel the CX Center of Excellence forward, RevGen established a baseline of measurement by creating a digital customer journey. This allowed us to understand key touchpoints and moments that matter within the journey. With this blueprint of priority experience elements, we identified where and what type of measures were needed for more meaningful analysis.


The solution required better data and a holistic understanding of the client’s customers and touchpoints.

Digital customer journeys

While the client did have a current customer journey map, updates were necessary. Using financial services industry best practices, we developed a new, more comprehensive digital customer journey.

CX metrics implementation

We assessed existing Voice of Customer (VoC) metrics, CX metrics, and other available data. Following best practices, we further defined the most appropriate metrics and developed a dashboard where they could be measured.

Roadmap and continuous feedback

Because the COE organization was so new, a critical part of the solution involved defining the next steps. We developed a roadmap of future CX metrics and designed a VOC feedback process tied to the new digital customer journey.


With a roadmap and understanding of CX analytics in place, the new COE program was set up for success.

A common understanding

With well-defined digital customer journey stages and touchpoints, all stakeholders were aligned on what the customer experience looked like.

Focus on the highest priorities

Not all metrics are created equal. With the new CX dashboard in place, the client could focus on the metrics that mattered to their business.

Cross-enterprise collaboration

With a new roadmap in place, we established a collaborative partnership between the new leader of CX and other business unit leaders, fostering cross-enterprise alignment on the importance of CX.

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