Robert Sunker

Chief Strategy Officer

Always seeking a better way in life and business

Robert is the Chief Strategy Officer and leads the development and execution of RevGen’s services portfolio. He has been with RevGen since the company’s founding.

Before RevGen Partners, Robert was a manager at Hitachi Consulting.

Robert is actively involved in scouting with his son and daughter, and also happens to be an Eagle Scout himself. He currently serves on the board of Grant 4D Farms and is past president of the Board of the Cherry Creek Academy charter school.

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Robert's Insights

Analytics & Insights

How to Turn Business Strategy into Execution

A good strategy isn't enough. Here's how RevGen translates strategic initiatives into tactical actions.

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Customer Experience

Disruption 2020. Opportunity 2021.

Disruption is a business model threat and opportunity

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Analytics & Insights

You Want Data Science? Then You Need Data Governance

Data governance done right can lead to better analytics and insights to drive your business

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Digital Enablement

Innovate with Purpose and Focus

Infusing innovation in all we do

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