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Business Intelligence as a Service

Modernizing and standardizing operations with business intelligence data, reporting and intake processes.

Project Overview

A large dental insurer wanted to modernize, standardize and streamline its business intelligence (BI) data, reporting and intake processes. The company’s leaders believed this would remove inefficient and flawed structured query language (SQL) coding, automate and integrate processes, and deliver insights faster to end users.

Client Challenge

As RevGen began working with the insurer’s leadership to better understand the company’s operations, it uncovered these challenges:

No Guiding Data Structure, Data Governance, or Data Quality – A catalogue of over 600 reports, many of which were redundant, relied on data that BI developers interpreted differently, leading to confusion and possible inaccuracies.

No Formal Ticketing/Intake Process and “Unique Report Per Requestor” Operating Model – Report requests went directly to BI developers with no vetting or ranking process. Likewise, users didn’t know if existing reports could be reused or if they could create or modify their own content.


Integrated People, Process, and Technology – Created a team of six who worked alongside key departments (underwriting, sales, customer service, financial planning and analysis) to peruse and purge nearly two-thirds of the 600 reports. Rewrote inefficient SQL code and automated nearly 1,000 scripts for faster access to data and insight.


Introduced Ticketing, Prioritization, and Reusability – Improved the intake process with a form that lets users validate tickets before the BI team begins work. Created a Prioritization Committee of stakeholders to drive “top 5” needs each week.


Eliminated Hard-coded, Inefficient, Incorrect SQL Code – Rewrote or automated nearly 1,000 unique scripts that sped up large queries and data sets from days to hours or hours to minutes.

Automated and Integrated Processes – Automated the ability to request a new report or changes to a current report and aligned the processes with the client’s preferred ticketing system.

Sped Delivery of Insight to End Users – Created the Prioritization Committee and automations that allows reports to be created, validated and disseminated in a fraction of former times.

Success Stories

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Analytics & Insights

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