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Data and Analytics Tool Rationalization

Simplifying the technology landscape to reduce costs and improve capabilities

Project Overview

This global telecommunications provider had a costly and redundant mix of data and analytics tools. Through a holistic approach, RevGen Partners analyzed enterprise processes, data, and technology to recommend an optimal future state tool mix. The solution focused on reducing software and hardware costs, improving tool capabilities, and facilitating employee adoption. This was done while optimally meeting the current (and future anticipated) data and analytics needs of the organization.

Client Challenge

The client had a collection of redundant data and analytics tools, resulting in an exorbitant total cost of ownership. Many of the tools were outdated and difficult for in-house developers to maintain and optimize. Moreover, it was cost prohibitive to sustain the same level of licensing agreements for the dated functionality provided.
The client sought a plan for an optimized tool mix that would:

  • Significantly lower licensing and maintenance costs
  • Simplify the overly complex technology landscape
  • Best enable the current and future data and analytics needs of the organization
  • Facilitate successful employee engagement and adoption


The business and technical experts at RevGen collaborated with the client to review the existing infrastructure, formulate an optimal future state landscape, and develop a rationalization roadmap. The services included:

  • Current State Understanding.We used broad surveying (500 respondents) across IT and business stakeholders, in-person interviews with key subject matter experts, licensing reviews, and systems and environment evaluations to understand the actual vs. intended usage of the current tool mix. We also determined business and IT likes and dislikes, capabilities, magnitude of usage, and the overall costs to the organization.
  • Future State Definition.We formulated evaluation criteria that emphasized areas of importance to the client; compiled independent market analyses; rated each existing tool – as well as other market-leading tools; and defined the optimal future state tool mix.
  • Recommendation, Roadmap Formulation, and Planning.Applying our expertise, we created recommendations and a rationalization roadmap to help bridge gaps between the current state and ideal future state landscapes. To address serious employee adoption and engagement concerns, we included step-by-step guidance to limit the impact on employees, reduce risk to the business, and facilitate the successful adoption of the new tools.


Considerable Savings Expected with Tool Rationalization

With our data and analytics tool rationalization services, RevGen empowered the client to optimize its investment and achieve significant cost savings. The client anticipates $3.5 million in total cost savings over the next five years and ongoing savings of $1.4 million per year, thereafter.

We helped identify tools that are expected to be much more capable and align with the client’s future business needs. With our focus on adoption and engagement, we provided the client with a path to minimize risk and limit business disruptions.

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