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RevGen Partners Earns Top Workplaces Award for 10th Year

We are excited to announce we have earned the Denver Post's Top Workplaces award for a 10th consecutive year.

RevGen Partners was awarded the Denver Post Top Workplaces award for the 10th consecutive year.

“I think it’s our focus on culture, core values, and the steadfast commitment to our why statement,” CEO Kirk Mielenz began. “We really do make decisions based on the long term and creating the type of environment we want to work in. We’re very consistent in putting our employees at the tippy top of what we think about.” 

To celebrate winning the Denver Top Workplaces Award for the 10th consecutive year, we sat down with several RevGen team members to discuss what makes RevGen a great place to work. Our values and our Why Statement – “We believe in empowering people, employees, clients, and those within our communities, so we may all aspire to be more.” – were mentioned several times. 

“Consulting can be really rough as a career,” Lisa Walvoord, Director of Corporate Communications, said. “We’ve tried to make it something that isn’t just about moving up in our careers, but about giving back. When you think about our why statement and all our stakeholders, I think that’s pretty unique.” 

Brittany Thomas, a Manager in our Customer Experience practice, agreed. “I think the thing that sticks out to me is how the company really lives out our values. We look at everything from a people lens – what we can enable our clients to do – and also really investing in our communities. 

“I’ve especially been impressed at how we’ve done that across not just Denver, but nationally. We have teams all over the U.S. and we have really empowered people to give back where they live. I love that RevGen looks at the big picture of giving people the tools and resources to not only do their job well, but to invest in their community and enjoy it.” 

The Top Workplaces Award is given based solely on anonymous employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey company, Energage. It measures 15 culture drivers critical to every organization’s success, such as alignment, execution, and connection.  


“We really seem to care about our people. It’s a constant focus and reinforced at all levels. I appreciate working for somewhere that I’m not just a number on a balance sheet.”  – Employee Quote from the Top Workplaces Survey


Kirk continued, “The coolest thing about winning this award is that it’s our employees who vote. It’s not me. It’s not anyone from the outside. It’s a recognition from the people that know the goods, the bads, and the uglies, and the fact that they still rate us that high is something I’m incredibly humbled by.” 

“I think we’re so successful because we listen to our people.” Vice President of People Emily Sims agreed. “We have surveyed our employees for the last thirteen years, and by listening and tweaking how we do things, we’ve been able to make it a Top Workplace. And it’s due to employee input. 

“It’s been a journey, an evolution. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work, and some things we’ve done well and some things we haven’t done so well, but we’ve been able to pivot. No matter what, if someone has stayed with RevGen or left RevGen, they’ve had a meaningful experience with us, and that’s really important to me.” 


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Will Serene, a Senior Consultant, joined RevGen Partners in late 2021. “It’s been a little over eighteen months since I was first onboarded, and from day one, I’ve constantly felt supported by leadership. I feel like I’ve been able to add value, and they’ve helped me to understand how best to do that. Also, I’ve seen leadership support the values they put on paper in every aspect of the business.  

“Recently, I was asked to find and implement vendor software for internal use. All the way starting from due diligence and gathering needs for our new office. And I was working hand-in-hand with [CSO Robert Sunker]. To have a leader that’s willing to jump in and get his hands dirty alongside a relatively new consultant is pretty awesome.” 


“There is a variety of people at RevGen, each with their own experience and strengths. RevGen encourages us to connect with one another and learn more about different ways of doing things. Training is highly encouraged, which I love.” – Employee Quote from the Top Workplaces Survey


“We really invest in our people,” Susan O’Connell, Director of Client Services and a former RevGen consultant, said, “so, you can really create a career at RevGen. By investing in yourself, by having that growth mindset, and also the investments – whether it’s training, or collaboration, or just the flexibility – we make as a company for our people.” 

Emily elaborated, “We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach in how we execute our career management program, our training initiatives, our community events, our D&I. We take into account what individuals want and need at different times in their career, which enables us to create a culture that’s driven by employee needs.” 

In the end, becoming one of The Denver Post’s Top Workplaces circled back around to our Why Statement.  

“I really do believe empowerment is the key,” Kirk finished. “It’s about creating a culture of thinking beyond ourselves. I make decisions every day around ‘Okay, is this really going to empower people or not?’ And I believe this Top Workplaces Award confirms that this commitment is coming through. I’m very proud of that.” 




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