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A Commitment to Success: The 2023 Client Satisfaction Survey

The results of our second annual client satisfaction survey are in, and we are delighted to announce our 'excellent' NPS score.

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Earlier this year, RevGen Partners distributed our second annual Client Satisfaction Survey as part of our continuing commitment to client success. The survey asks clients to rate their satisfaction overall, as well as aspects of project execution, delivery, and value. The survey also includes Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS).  

We are delighted to announce RevGen received an NPS score of 69, excellent on the NPS scale. This metric is calculated by asking clients how likely they are to recommend RevGen Partners to a friend or colleague, on a scale of 1-10. Based on that number, respondents are identified as promoters, passives, or detractors. The calculation uses that distribution to come up with an NPS score between -100 and 100.   

“The key to RevGen’s success is hearing directly from our clients about what we do well and the areas where we have room for improvement,” says Michelle Robinson, Vice President of Client Success. “Learning and growing is fundamental to how RevGen operates and provides better experiences for our clients.”  

Ninety-five percent of clients indicated a positive overall experience with RevGen, with 76% of those clients rating the experience excellent. RevGen’s project leadership, our response to our client’s evolving business needs, and the competency of our teams were the top three areas of client satisfaction. 

The direct feedback we receive is invaluable, providing us with insight into how we can better serve our clients. 

Sixty-nine percent of positive comments included appreciation of RevGen’s partnership, and 38% mentioned trust. 

“The key to delivering meaningful value to our clients and continuing RevGen’s growth is building client relationships based on mutual trust,” says Chrissy Winkler, Vice President of Client Services. “New clients know they can engage with us with confidence, and established clients come to us when addressing a challenge or harnessing an opportunity.” 

In comments, clients praised: 

  • Our understanding of their goals and challenges, ability “to adapt to their company culture,” and commitment “to help shape the right engagement” 
  • Our “sincere focus on creating valuable business partnerships” and our willingness “to work together to solve problems and challenges” 
  • Our “adherence to best practices” and “strong” and “creative” delivery that provides “significant value” while remaining “flexible”  

We were especially pleased to see our mission and values reflected in the comments: 

  • “[RevGen consultants] have proven to be of the highest professional caliber and take pride in meeting their commitments.” 
  • “RevGen truly cares about the value that they are delivering to their clients.”
  • “Your approach to partnership and relationship building sets you apart.” 

Our clients continue to indicate the importance of thought leadership. As part of our regular client and project check-ins, our team members will be working with you to identify the thought leadership areas that are of most interest and value to you. We also encourage everyone to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn to be notified of new articles and insights.  

We want to extend a big thank you to all our clients who took the time to answer our client satisfaction survey. We wouldn’t be the firm we are today without you, and we look forward to delighting you again in the future.  

Interested in learning how to set up your own customer satisfaction toolbox? Contact one of our customer experience experts to have a quick chat about your organization’s needs.  

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