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Intelligent Experience Engines: The Secret to Personalization at Scale

By turning customers’ micro-decisions into micro-goals, intelligent experience engines usher in a new way to build incredible customer experiences at lightning speed.

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Author: Evan Struke


Whether shopping for groceries or exploring mortgage lenders, we all have goals in mind when we seek out new products or services. No matter how long a purchase decision takes, we make micro-decisions along the way based on our perceived experiences as customers. 

If a company pushes you to buy something that doesn’t fit your needs, you are likely to ignore it in favor of a competitor who meets you where you are. If a company anticipates your needs along the way and proactively addresses them, you are likely to feel more at ease making a purchase decision.  

This attention to detail is, by definition, personalization, and personalization at scale is the necessary ingredient for organizations to cut through the noise of all the options available to consumers today.

Intelligent Experience Engines


The 4Ds of personalization at scale – data, decisioning, design, and distribution – require coordination across channels that can be difficult for even the most sophisticated organizations. However, there is a mechanism that sets savvy customer experience leaders up for sustainable personalization at scale: intelligent experience engines.  

Intelligent experience engines are a form of enterprise information management that enables bespoke, end-to-end experiences via micro-goals throughout the customer journey. These micro-goals, and resulting micro-adjustments, are driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Like every other technology tool in the CX toolbox, intelligent experiences engines should be rooted in a company’s customer experience strategy.


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Getting Up to Speed


Intelligent experience engines begin by developing customer 360 profiles, which provide a comprehensive understanding of customer data. These profiles are created from demographics and actions taken across retail channels and are powerful informants to designing and optimizing customer experiences 

Intelligent experience engines enable companies to provide constant micro-adjustments to their customer experiences by leveraging this data to derive micro goals, which then inform the creation of thinly sliced customer segments. These segments are considerably more detailed than what can be derived manually, offering the necessary information to hyper-personalize each touchpoint along the way and adjust the omnichannel experience to provide a seamless, intentional flow to the journey at speed and scale.  

In this way, these engines don’t just collect data, but they also intuitively adjust actions to increase the likelihood of a positive purchase decision, freeing up teams to focus on other value-add activities when they previously had to manually adjust these moments.



But that’s not all: intelligent experience engines go a step further to exponentially increase the testing possibilities of marketing technologies. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these engines significantly increase the number of concepts that can be tested in a traditional A/B testing period. Because of the automation involved, intelligence experience engines turn over results and recommendations for an entire experience across all channels, such as in-store, mobile, and online.  

In this way, intelligent experience engines are the best kept secret to personalization at scale.  Companies that invest in them now have found a way to not only optimize and innovate for their customers, but also disrupt their industries entirely.


The Finish Line


Artificial intelligence isn’t just for IT; by embedding this technology across your organization, including your customer experience practice, you’ll be well poised to serve customers’ most pressing needs for years to come. Whether you’re just starting to consider ways intelligent experience engines can benefit your business or already have a strategic plan, our AI and Customer Experience experts at RevGen are excited to partner with you to revolutionize the way you serve your customers. 

Contact us today to speak with us about your goals or visit our Artificial Intelligence site to learn more. 



A headshot of Evan Bakken Evan Struke is a CX subject matter expert and serves as our CX Services Project Manager. She is passionate about helping clients drive meaningful value by keeping the customer at the heart of digital delivery and transformation.

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