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Diversity Makes Us Better

Fostering gender parity, and diversity and inclusion overall #balanceforbetter #IWD2019

While International Women’s Day—observed on March 8 every year—historically has been a focal point in the women’s movement, its messages of equality, diversity, and inclusion are broadly applicable. This year’s theme of #balanceforbetter – which celebrates the belief that a balanced world is a better world – is particularly resonant to us at RevGen.


A Balanced Workplace is a Better Workplace

Everything we do at RevGen is rooted in our conviction that our differences strengthen us as an organization. Different people—whether they differ in gender, race or ethnicity—think differently. And diversity of thought and perspective is vital in today’s ever-changing, disruptive marketplace, not to mention in the world.


Not Just for Women

Creating an organizational culture that fosters gender parity, and diversity and inclusion overall, requires leaders who model the way. We can’t hire female leaders, promote women to leadership positions, or implement and sustain initiatives designed for women in the organization without the active support of our leadership. RevGen happens to be a company founded by men, and thankfully, all have a demonstrable commitment to moving the needle on parity in the workplace. Our senior leaders continually look for opportunities to engage with this issue across various platforms, both internally at RevGen and in the greater Denver community.

RevGen’s leadership recognizes that gender balance isn’t a women’s issue; rather it’s a human issue that requires all our efforts. I would argue that because they continue to occupy positions of power and influence, men are crucial participants in our efforts to establish parity.  We will not gain substantial or lasting traction without them.


Champions for Workplace Change

Last year, RevGen was named a “company to watch” in the inaugural Champions of Change awards from the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Designed to celebrate organizations that are actively and strategically advancing women in business, we are proud to be recognized for the progress we’ve made in creating a workplace that is supportive of women at all levels.

 We have a number of initiatives and programs in place that are intended to promote an inclusive and empowering culture and workplace. Some are specific to women, while others are designed for both men and women to most effectively grow an ethos of diversity and inclusion:

  • Most notably, we developed our Women’s Initiative several years ago for women at RevGen to connect on their unique challenges in the workplace and beyond. Through this initiative, we offer numerous social and professional development opportunities each year.
  • Our Leadership Challenge program builds the leadership capacity of our more senior colleagues—both men and women. This program is for all members of our Leadership Team and is also offered to new hires and those promoted to the Leadership Team to ensure that we nurture and maintain a culture grounded in trust and respect.
  • We are longstanding supporters and participants of Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT). Our Board Chair and founding CEO was named WICT’s 2014 Mentor of the Year; one of our senior consultants serves on the WICT Rocky Mountain Board; and two male members of our Leadership Team serve as mentors.
  • We recently expanded our Strengths Finder program to include all employees—including every new hire—at all levels, to enhance our individual and collective learning and growth with a common language and resources.


Part of the Company’s Fabric

While initiatives, programming, and special events are important and worthwhile, the pursuit of parity in the workplace can’t be an isolated effort or a proverbial box to check. It must be part of the fabric of an organization, inextricably woven throughout its DNA. This entails thoughtful, intentional engagement from the top-down. And in the spirit of balance, we must remember that this isn’t an elite club. Membership should be open to everyone—in business and beyond.


Chrissy Winkler is Vice President of Client Services at RevGen. She also leads the company’s Women’s Initiative and is one of three women on the six-person senior leadership team at RevGen.

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