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Using AI to Better Enable Field Sales

Our client wanted to help their field sales agents be more efficient and effective in planning their daily routines. RevGen helped them build an AI-based mobile app to do just that.

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Project Overview

While our Fortune 50 client had many robust datasets that were intended to make their sales agents’ jobs easier, all the data was siloed, meaning that when the agent was in the field, it was difficult for them to access reporting in a consolidated fashion. RevGen was tasked with finding a technological solution to help these agents be more effective while on the go. 

Client Challenge

Because of the lack of access to available data, sales agents had a difficult time planning their daily sales strategy, and often wasted time and resources pursuing non-viable leads.

Valuable time lost

As most of the sales data that helped these agents plan their routes and target customers was only available when at their desk, lots of work hours were wasted switching from office to road and back again. 

Data lag

Even if they had accessed information in the morning, by the time an agent was speaking with a customer, there was no guarantee if it was still accurate.

Opportunity for better targeting

Despite having massive amounts of data enterprise-wide, the sales teams were only using just the very tip of the iceberg to inform their customer targeting, often resulting in mediocre lead generation.


RevGen performed a ride along with field reps to experience their challenges firsthand and brainstorm ideas on what functionality they would like to see in the final application. Our software team then worked closely with the client’s data team to analyze the data that was available to determine what data to present in a consolidated fashion. After that, the team made a robust design to fulfill the needs of a mobile application and began development. 


Direction for the mobile app in hand, we worked to build a solution that intelligently addressed all the current issues.

Development and testing

The app development had several iterative stages where we could socialize it to stakeholders for feedback and test its capabilities.

Real-time insights

Key to this app was providing the real-time data that sales agents previously lacked. This also included customer targeting insights, such as contact information, serviceability, and propensity to buy – all of which were only available because we were able to securely link the agents to the client’s larger data set.

Intelligent and efficient routing

With the new data available, we were able to use AI to suggest the best routing for sales agents to use when visiting customers and leads in the field.

Integration with Salesforce

We were also able to connect the mobile app back to the client’s existing Salesforce CRM, allowing sales agents to update critical lead information while they were working in the field. 


The final app was easy for agents to use, and most importantly, helped save them time during their busy day while improving lead quality and customer experience. 

Increased sales opportunities

Better data leads to better opportunities, which in turn leads to increased revenue. 

More visibility

Not only did the app enable improvements in the bottom line, but the integration with Salesforce and real-time data allowed the agents to see and understand how they were performing against their own goals at any given time.

Reduced costs through route optimization

The intelligent routing allowed for optimized sales planning and more efficient routes, thereby reducing overall mileage costs.

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