School Performance Management System Optimization

Enabling data-driven decision-making to optimize student success

Project Overview

Rarely does a technology project make a significant community impact by better preparing the next generation for higher education and future careers. A major urban school district took on that ambitious agenda by transitioning to a culture centered on data-driven decisions to optimize student success.

Client Challenge

This school district sought to increase graduation rates, boost test scores, link educator compensation with student achievement and replicate best practices of top-performing schools. The district collaborated with RevGen to develop a customized School Performance Management System (SPM) that provides a complete picture of student achievement.


Together, RevGen and the district designed the SPM System with the expectation that it would evolve year-to-year to support the district’s rapid expansion and changing needs.

The enterprise-grade system calculates student-level performance based on a comprehensive view of each student to identify successes and opportunities for improvement.

The SPM System was designed to generate multi-measure scorecards emphasizing students’ yearly academic growth, while factoring in critical data on college readiness, attendance and student/parent satisfaction.

Additionally, teacher effectiveness is quantified through the student growth portion of the new Leading Effective Academic Practice (LEAP) program.


Working collaboratively with the district, we created an enterprise-level School Performance Management System designed to:

  • Provide a comprehensive view of school performance. From student attendance to reading proficiency and standardized test scores, teachers, principals, administrators and parents get a real-time view of school success. At the highest level, schools are rated on a stoplight system, ranging from “distinguished” to “probation.”
  • Create tools to support continuous improvement. The broad-based system addresses long-term and immediate goals for eight operational departments. For principals, the goal is to close the achievement gap by providing data to pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • Identify academic gaps and opportunities for improvement for all students. Every student deserves an equal opportunity for a quality education. The SPM system measures the achievement of all students to identify gaps where students may be underserved, including students of color, students in poverty, English language learners and students with special needs.
  • Identify top-performing schools to replicate best practices. The enterprise system identifies top-rated schools with a blue or “Distinguished” rating. The robust data tied to each school allows district administrators and principals to review specific metrics tied to each rating, which can range from excellent attendance rates to gains in individual subject proficiency.
  • Inform teacher compensation. As part of the transition to a performance-based culture, the district tied pay structures for teachers and principals to student achievement. The new system measures against stated goals and tracks milestones over time.


The School Performance Management System drives decision-making and planning across multiple departments and schools within the district. As the nature of education changes, the School Performance Management System will evolve with those needs.

The success of the School Performance Management System correlates to improvements in the district’s graduation rates. Since it rolled out the SPM System in 2009, the district has tracked a significant improvement in high school graduation rates. The four-year graduation rate improved by 2.5 percentage points in 2012-2013 to 61.3%, an increase of 22.6 percentage points since 2006-2007. The five-year graduation rate rose 3.5 percentage points, bringing the 2012-2013 rate to 65.4%, while the five-year completion rate increased 3.6 percentage points to 72.7%.

The district continues to build on the success achieved during the last five years. The School Performance Management System is a key data-driven component of the district’s continued drive to advance student achievement, increase graduation rates and prepare students for life and work.


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