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Buyer-Focused Sales Playbook

Improving Sales Team Process and Effectiveness

Project Overview

RevGen Partners helped a mid-market internet and cable company increase the success of their frontline sales representatives by creating a buyer-focused sales approach and playbook. The playbook featured a clear sales process and methodology based on customer suggestions, best practices, and employee insights.


This client was struggling with the sales results of their field sales representatives and needed to restructure a division to achieve sales goals. The sales team had ambiguous sales processes and on-boarding practices that led to high turnover and difficulty hitting monthly and quarterly goals.

The company needed a defined sales process and methodology to better train new resources, retain quality sales representatives, and increase sales.


RevGen collaborated with the client to develop a sales process and methodology that aligned with customer buying stages.

We began with a comprehensive review of the structure, compensation, processes, talent management, and performance management of the sales force. Next we solicited feedback from our client’s customers to identify business buying stages and preferences to understand how our client could best meet their needs.

After the review, we helped the client:

  • Develop a comprehensive sales process. We created a framework for sales representatives to identify key buyer activities, selling activities, sales tools, stage definitions, and exit criteria to provide guidance throughout the buying process.
  • Create a standard sales methodology. We developed a repeatable procedure to help sales representatives navigate familiar challenges across the sales lifecycle – whether they are at an initial sales call or conducting contract negotiations.
  • Produce a sales playbook. We created materials to educate sales representatives and managers on roles, responsibilities, and key selling activities. Core elements included developing personal business and marketing plans, establishing activity cadence, and modeling prospecting activity.

Lastly, we provided guidance for implementing, communicating, and reinforcing the new sales process and methodology in the field to maximize the adoption and application of the new process.

"The RevGen Team helped our sales organization establish a comprehensive sales approach and create a sales toolkit and onboarding materials that enabled our front-line sales representatives to be more effective. This approach has resulted in a 24 percent improvement in sales, year over year, for this channel. RevGen collaborated with our team but also challenged our current practices and assumptions – raising the bar significantly. I greatly appreciate RevGen’s partnership values, industry insights, and project leadership. Our sales results continue to reflect the improvements started with this initiative."


Sales Playbook Helps Hit Goals

With the assistance of RevGen’s business and technical expertise, the client improved sales processes, tools, and education that provided field sales representatives with a greater likelihood of achieving monthly and quarterly sales goals. Since the implementation, the field sales team has achieved a 24% improvement in sales, year over year.


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