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Sales Framework and Implementation

Customer Service & Sales Framework

Project Overview

A national cable provider sought ways to increase sales and revenue with customer care agents, who already had strong, ongoing interactions with customers. Though exceptional care representatives, the agents needed more sales training and guidance. Impressed with the success of previous collaborations, the client turned to RevGen Partners to help expand this sales channel.

Client Challenge

Efforts to expand sales through its traditional customer care centers were fragmented across twenty call centers with varying degrees of focus and prioritization. This led to inconsistent processes and reporting and limited visibility into results. The client needed a trusted partner to help develop a new solution and get ‘buy-in’ from key business stakeholders; they also wanted implementation support and reporting capabilities to help ensure a successful implementation.


We helped the cable provider create a cohesive national plan for sales expansion and drive the implementation throughout the customer care organization. During the engagement, we helped:

  • Create a cohesive strategy, align business leadership, and develop an implementation roadmap. Working with business sponsors and leaders, we helped clearly articulate the strategy and goals of the program and engaged key stakeholders whose buy-in was critical to success. In partnership with leadership, we developed an execution roadmap which enabled business alignment and measurement of progress.
  • Lead and support implementation activities. Collaborating with call center leadership, we helped uncover concerns, risks, and issues, and execute mitigation activities.
  • Expand reporting capabilities. We worked with channel leaders to determine methods to capture and centralize data to measure the impacts of channel expansion on sales and revenue. The new reporting system provided a consolidated visibility of outcomes that helped achieve adoption and further buy-in.


Increasing Revenue with Sale Channel Expansion

With our ongoing support and proven business and technical expertise, we empowered the cable provider to increase sales and revenue in just over six months. Following the design and implementation of new practices at the care centers, the client achieved immediate, significant results:

  • Increased monthly actual sales by 41%
  • Estimated to have exceeded yearly sales target by 27%

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Success Stories

Businessman points to a holographic report of a financial growth line

Growing Revenues through Data-Driven Pricing Strategy

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Through a combination of data science and business expertise, RevGen devised a strategy that would grow our client’s revenues by more than 20%.

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Crafting a Data & Analytics Strategy and Proof-of-Concept Dashboard

Analytics & Insights

Our client, a national construction firm, needed a clear, detailed path to resolving their data availability, quality and reporting confidence issues. RevGen stepped in to craft a holistic Data & Analytics Strategy to give them a way forward.

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Streamlining Tableau Reporting for Cloud Migration

Analytics & Insights

We helped a Fortune 500 telecom client improve their data and analytics capabilities by enhancing and streamlining their Tableau environment in preparation for a migration to the cloud.

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