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Sales Effectiveness Training

Empower your sales team with the knowledge and capabilities to build long-term, trusted advisor relationships with customers

Project Overview

Enterprise marketing and sales leadership of a national communications company identified a gap in the ability of their sellers to effectively sell enterprise products and solutions. The existing sales training needed revamping as revenue figures were well off annual targets.

To close the gaps, RevGen recommended setting up a sales enablement program to empower the enterprise sales team to build long-term, trusted advisor relationships with their clients. The program was designed to provide the tools to effectively pair the product value proposition with a client’s unique business needs.

Client Challenge

  • Sellers needed to be better equipped to align products across the portfolio to their clients’ needs.
  • Specific sales teams were knowledgeable about one product. Product information did not relate across sales teams, making it difficult to build proposals for customer-facing solutions.
  • Familiarity with the industry verticals was lacking, limiting client conversations. Sellers struggle with educating customers on how their solutions can solve their customers’ problems.
  • Disparate and disconnected sales collateral and sources of product information left sellers unable to relate content to customer situations.
  • Existing training was limited and heavily product focused (speeds and feeds) versus how drive an “outside-in” perspective – understand needs and work your way back to business solutions.


In collaboration with the client, RevGen set out to gather input from stakeholders in marketing, sales and product management to formulate recommendations. Together the team agreed to revamp the training efforts with a three-pronged approach designed to:

1) Strengthen seller’s foundational knowledge around core products

2) Provide an overview of each sales vertical

3) Empower sellers to build long-term, trusted advisor relationships with their clients


  • Establish a strategy for educating sellers on how to build long-term, trusted advisor relationships with their clients
  • Reduce the number of documents that sales need to understand:
    • Product features, benefits and value proposition
    • Industry terminology & nuances
    • How to vertically align buyer personas to facilitate
  • Develop training collateral and tools that enable sellers to:
    • Support complex solution selling at the intersection of industry verticals and product value proposition
    • Effectively pair a product value proposition with a client’s unique vertical business needs
    • Encourage solution driven customer interactions
  • Develop a framework for in-person training focusing on sales best practices and designed to be dynamic and interactive for sellers

I’m very impressed with the deliverables: their quality, content and professional nature.

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