RFP Response System

Enabling quick and efficient delivery of accurate pricing responses to government RFPs

Project Overview

In partnership with the IT and business teams of a large telecommunications company, we designed and implemented a system to manage contracted pricing and develop detailed bids in response to government RFPs.  The output included contractually-compliant price quotes to support $2B in new business.

Client Challenge

Client is an approved vendor to bid on RFPs from federal agencies for telecommunications, networking services, and associated support.  With $50B in contracts available across 9 vendors for a 15-year period, the client needed a solution to develop detailed quotes for the RFPs released through this contract vehicle.

Inconsistent Pricing – The mechanism to create pricing was inconsistent, not robust, and put the company at risk for losing bids based on pricing that was too high, or selling services at margins that were low or negative.

Compliance Issues – Contract requires pricing through a standardized process with auditability and traceability to historical quotes for similar type services to ensure best pricing and compliance with government policies.  The process did not support or enforce requirements; thus causing errors that resulted in lost contracts and falling out of compliance with government standards.

Access to Contractual and Pricing Data – Contractual and Pricing data was stored in spreadsheets, word documents and pdfs on various share drives.  There were different versions of the data referenced by multiple teams and no single source of truth with the most current pricing.  The manual process did not provide a mechanism to enforce contractual standards.

Manual Processes – The bidding process relied heavily on spreadsheets and manual processes requiring time consuming efforts.  This resulted in inconsistent or incomplete information being used to create bids and was prone to error.

Improve Productivity – The process took between 20 to 100-man hours to produce and review a bid depending on the size of the RFP.  Some bids required quoting over 10,000 items.


We took an agile approach working in close collaboration with IT and the business. Due to the time constraints of the contract period there was a sense of urgency to implement a solution as quickly as possible.  RevGen was able to leverage previous project work and relationships to focus on the critical aspects of the project and move quickly. The architecture and user interface were designed to be adaptable so they can support new products and changing contractual requirements  In addition, a roadmap and more robust design were provided to support the ever-changing nature of telecom products and services.


The solution includes a data repository and application to house, query, maintain, and update government contract prices.  The system allows for the creation of competitive bids and managed task orders in response to the federal RFPs data requirements; pricing, quoting and submittal processes; and security and auditing requirements.

Single Location for Federal Pricing – Provide pricing consistency for federal contract RFPs and task orders along with tracking, management, and recorded historical win/losses for bids.

Efficiencies and Timeliness – Ability to quickly and proactively respond to federal EIS contract RFPs and task orders including ability to reference historical and custom price data to intelligently bid quickly.

Accuracy – Eliminate federal contract pricing errors and provide consistent pricing and contract data throughout the organization. Supports large, complex orders with over 10,000 items.

My career at RevGen has been very rewarding. Each project is a new, dynamic challenge that always comes with a solid & driven consulting team. RevGen encourages curiosity & innovation – our data science team is constantly learning, participating in external events, or competing in hackathons, which satisfies my desire to learn and ensures that we are able to bring the latest solutions to our clients.


By automating the enforcement of government data requirements and simplifying the process for pricing of contracts that supports the defined processes; the company was able to respond to more RFPs quickly, accurately, and competitively while reducing errors.

Compliance with Contractual Requirements – Automation enforces the data and contractual  requirements while simplifying the process for pricing bids; thus reducing errors that could result in losing contracts due to falling out of compliance with government standards.

Accurate and Competitive Delivery of Bids – Enforced data requirements and access to bid history to create competitive bids.

Revenue Generation – Support the generation of 40% of Revenue through the solution by providing the ability to effectively and efficiently respond to (and win!) bids with deal lifetime values in the billions of dollars.

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