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Revenue Protection & Customer Churn Reduction

Integrated and holistic customer data to improve customer experience and retention

Customer Insights

Project Overview

This global communications client wanted to reduce customer churn and protect its embedded base of revenue. It sought to better understand the customer experience holistically in order to inform and implement high-impacting improvements.

The client was challenged with limited visibility and delayed access to 360 degree customer data – data vital to inform an effective customer experience strategy. RevGen helped the client use data to baseline the customer experience; create a holistic picture of customer touchpoints; and easily view key data points along the customer journey.

The solution helped provide a timely and holistic view of customer interactions, concern points, and areas of high impact in order to improve customer experience, and ultimately reduce churn.

Client Challenge

This global communications company had grown rapidly through acquisitions, which led to siloed customer data across multiple departments. As a result, the company had limited insight into a variety of pain points that impacted customer retention. The client relied on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) index for a basic view of customer satisfaction levels and were testing numerous pilot solutions to improve service quality, but they had no way of knowing what was working and what was not.

To improve visibility into the customer experience and true drivers of churn, the company sought a solution that:

  • Provided an accurate baseline of the existing customer experience via a 360 degree view of customer touchpoints
  • Measured the impact of pilot efforts intended to improve customer experience
  • Offered comprehensive insights into key experience drivers along the customer journey


RevGen Partners helped the client implement a holistic customer data insights solution by: (i) understanding the client’s strategic objectives in relation to their customers’ journey(s); (ii) identifying and integrating data points along those journeys; and (iii) implementing the following technical solutions:

Performance Management Dashboards. Provided self-service dashboards and visualizations that offered immediate and holistic customer visibility into KPI baselines, results of existing customer experience pilot investments, and overall impacts on customer churn.

Customer Experience Data Mart. Designed an extensible data architecture to support the current and future needs of the customer experience program, integrating key customer data touchpoints along the customer journey.

Self-Service Analytical Solution. Created an analytical solution for self-service and ad-hoc insights from key data intersections along the customer journey, including: Learn, Buy, Get, Use, Pay, and Service.


The customer insights solution provided the client with holistic visibility into the true customer experience and drivers of churn.

Instead of depending on vague NPS scores or implementing perceived improvements without truly understanding the impacts to the customer, the client now has quick access to accurate information that evaluates the efficacy of customer experience efforts.

Holistic customer data that used to take weeks to acquire can now be accessed in minutes. The client uses this information to quickly address service pain points or target areas needed to help improve key metrics, such as: sales, customer retention / churn, and NPS.

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