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Pricing and Packaging for Home Security Product Relaunch

Driving operational readiness to support retail sales of home security equipment

Client Challenge

The product pricing and packaging construct included many changes that were being implemented in a single bundled change, which caused concern for the product leader.  In addition, the company faced several challenges with limited resources:

Competing Organizational Priorities – Other product lines were also making updates that would impact agents and customers.

Compressed Readiness Timeline – Planning, tactic development, communications, training, and technical implementation faced a small window for success.

Distributed Decision Making – Any changes to product economics required multi-layer sign-offs to align to local policies and priorities of regional P&Ls.


RevGen established and executed a program leadership structure that aligned roles and project plans, developed a go-to-market playbook, and established a communications framework to manage the deployment.

RevGen leveraged relationships and experience from prior product launches to be laser-focused on critical activities with minimal ramp-up time. RevGen built and maintained a strong partnership with stakeholder project teams which led to developing a training strategy that was “right sized” for the capacity within each geography.


RevGen’s program leadership combined with home security product experience led to successful deployment execution, launch-day command center, and post-launch metrics.

  • Repeatable program leadership structure and product knowledge – Aligned scope, timeframe, and deliverables across the organization, which led to a focused go-to-market strategy, planning and execution.
  • Command Center Launch Execution – Led national command center to triage all issues as well as report on metrics & issues to executives daily.
  • Post-Launch Analysis and Recommendations – Analyzed post-launch metrics and recommended aftercare initiatives working with sales channel leaders and divisional product management which paved the way towards improved order volume, service tier mix, & equipment sales

Having all issues resolved within the first 72 hours of the launch is truly a great feat - really amazing job by the team!


The client implemented the new pricing and packaging construct on time and achieved profitability within two months.

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