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Post-Merger Roadmap

Aligning People and Process on a Path of Business Transformation

Project Overview

Following a series of mergers, a large lender lacked alignment across people, process and technology, impacting the bank’s ability to work toward long-term growth. Employees found themselves operating under disparate post-merger business objectives with different policies, systems and processes.

The absence of standardization hindered the combined organization’s ability to work towards common business goals and exchange information across regions. The company tapped the experience and knowledge of RevGen Partners to guide employees towards a successful transformation.

Client Challenge

Because various regions were operating in silos, the tools and insights to support data-driven decisions were not always readily available to the entire organization. The company also lacked consistent processes and technology solutions, which led to unnecessary manual work and duplicate data entry. Additionally, unclear and inconsistent business objectives across regions impacted the company’s ability to align individual goals with an overall business strategy.

Following mixed results from several previous transformational efforts, the company had difficulty motivating employees to support needed process changes. To address this challenge, the client wanted a successful and impactful change management program.


We first completed a thorough review of the client’s existing end-to-end processes. This created a starting point from which to outline an ideal future state for the newly merged organization. Additionally, we helped the client articulate a comprehensive corporate strategy and identify opportunities to modify systems and processes to better support this strategy.

With these steps in place, we were able to develop a future-state roadmap that proposed and prioritized solutions to the client’s numerous challenges, which were identified throughout the current-state assessment.


The roadmap, designed by RevGen Partners in collaboration with the client, suggested several organizational changes that could help create a cohesive culture of consistency, facilitate the process of change, and align business strategy with individual performance.

  • Create a new culture of consistency. Along with many identified areas for standardization within the roadmap, two key changes included the development of a uniform sales process and a standardized loan origination system. These initiatives will help to establish structure, common goals and end-to-end accountability. Additionally, RevGen Partners recommended the creation of a data warehouse. This warehouse would provide employees across all regions access to consistent and accurate information, supporting data-driven decisions.
  • Support organizational change. Our roadmap proposed implementation of an organizational change management methodology to help employees adopt change quickly and increase their trust in the transformational process. This program included an Impact Analysis Tool and a Stakeholders Analysis Tool, which effectively predict how departments, systems and people will be affected by change.
  • Align business strategy and individual performance. One key finding was the need to closely align individual performance with the achievement of company-wide goals. Under the performance management program detailed in the roadmap, decision-makers will address the intersection of business strategy and individual performance. This program will help tie individual performance to ensure employee goals were directly in line with those of the company.


Visibility into issues, new standard processes and prioritized goals.

The roadmap delivered by RevGen Partners improved organization-wide visibility into company strategy and alignment, ultimately uniting the organization on a path for transformation. Not only did this plan provide the client with actionable solutions, but it also set a timeline to further drive the process.

With a roadmap that aligns organizational change efforts around agreed-upon strategic objectives, the client can now move forward with a detailed process of change they trust to improve end-to-end business processes and systems.


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