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Maturing a Voice of the Customer Program through Data and Technology

Our client’s nascent Voice of the Customer program had a daunting task — provide actionable, data-driven insights and needed RevGen’s guidance to mature these capabilities.

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Project Overview

Last year, RevGen Partners supported our Fortune 500 client as they broke into a new market, helping them build the foundation of their Customer Experience (CX) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs. For 2022, the task became maturing these programs and helping the client use their data and technology to drive actionable insights more effectively.

Client Challenge

The new CX team was already facing several challenges that threatened their forward momentum.  

Resource turnover

Unfortunately, several key staff members left the organization just as these CX efforts were ramping. This left the new team lacking both seasoned CX leaders and expertise in some of their CX technologies.

Reacting, not planning

Prior to the formation of the CX team, most customer-focused work was being performed by other departments in a fragmented manner. This left an opportunity for the new team to build a strategy to better drive results and create customer centricity across the organization.  

Limited access to data

In such a large organization, data privacy is always top of mind. Between that and the several different departments running CX programs, the team had limited access to their most important resource: data.

Few data-driven insights

With the lack of experience, as well as the challenges gathering the data, the new VoC team was underprepared to make recommendations and challenge assumptions. 


Our project had two distinct paths. The first was to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Voice of the Customer function within the broader CX team — a brand new function that wasn’t fully understood. From there, we wanted to equip them with the templates, skills, and KPIs necessary to make data-driven insights and recommendations. 

The second task was to assemble a holistic view of the client’s various CX tools, many of which were underutilized and disconnected from each other. With a better understanding of their CX technology landscape, we could ensure they were getting the most out of their data. 


Our solutions focused not just on the short-term improvements that the VoC program could put into place, but on creating processes and investing in technologies that would guide the CX team for years to come.

VoC Assessment

We launched a comprehensive assessment to detail how the VoC program was obtaining their customer feedback and implemented a future-state plan to increase the number and effectiveness of customer listening posts.

CX metrics framework

Because the VoC practice had been broken out over several departments, we helped the client define which teams were accountable for providing specific metrics and data. Then, we were able to use best practices to determine the most critical metrics and level set KPIs.

CX technology map

Given the turnover in staffing, as well as the many departments handling customer data, it was imperative that the client get a clear view into their current-state technologies so that they could better plan for the future. 

Social media platform

The client had previously been using Sprinklr, a social media platform, for other projects. We added it to the VoC team toolkit, defining roles, ownership, and training multiple people on the tool so that its use wouldn’t be impacted by staffing. We were able to then use it to support a new product launch and establish critical customer listening posts. 


A clear vision for the VoC team, backed up with the data and technology they needed, proved to be immediately impactful.

Immediate action

Right away, the updates to the VoC program showed value, as the team was able to provide critical feedback for a new product launch, allowing the client to take action to improve their end-to-end customer experience.

A single goal

With metrics and responsibilities clearly defined, multiple business units were able to collaborate more easily, all working towards a unified CX vision for the client’s newest brand.

Interconnected dashboards

Having a clear picture of the client’s CX technologies allowed us to connect several data streams to make a single, easy to track dashboard of the most important CX metrics.

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