Success Stories

Launching a Chat Sales Channel

Adapting to meet the growing consumer preference for digital interactions

Project Overview

A telecommunications company sought to stand up a new chat-oriented sales channel across several geographies.  Previously, chat was only available for product support and online shopping cart support. This is a new effort to address consumer preferences by providing consultative selling conversations via chat.

Client Challenge

Standing up a new chat sales channel required new processes, tool development, business rule optimization, training and program oversight.

  • New agent process and tools: for agents to respond succinctly to cultivate sales
  • Business rules: need to decide when to offer sales chat to prospects
  • Specialized training: agent interactions were very different from voice calls in terms of duration and continuity
  • Leadership oversight: to ensure all chat centers maintain consistency and adhere to standards


RevGen provided project leadership to align roles, drive communications, and manage issue tracking. Weekly meetings allowed stakeholders from different geographies to align on process, share best practices, and communicate training techniques. RevGen facilitated the creation of the business rules as to when chat is offered, and which chats get routed to employee sales agent vs. business partners.


The new chat sales channel launched on time and has been expanded nationally to support all new and existing customers on all marketing and buy-flow web pages.

To expedite the staff ramp-up, the divisions diverted several employees from the phone sales team to become a part of the new chat sales organization.

Since research is showing a growing consumer preference for digital interactions, the client is now much better positioned to meet that demand via their new digital workforce that started out as a chat center.

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