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Integrated Customer Journey Roadmap

Building the foundation for a luxury home-buying experience

Project Overview

Building a house is both exciting and stressful, especially when it’s your dream home. So this Fortune 500 home builder wants to make the process as seamless as possible. RevGen helped the builder better understand all phases of the customer experience and developed a roadmap to integrate the various customer touchpoints along the building journey.

Client Challenge

For decades, this builder has made families’ dreams come true by building high quality, luxury homes.  Along the way, they earned a reputation as one of the most trusted brands in America.  However, building a home is an incredibly complicated process with a myriad of decisions, dependencies, and systems that all interconnect.  The builder realized that they were struggling to guide customers through this process and that the customer experience wasn’t living up to their reputation for quality and luxury.

To develop a high-quality customer experience in keeping with their brand, the builder recognized they must first:

  • Understand the entire customer experience: the customer understanding their own needs, finding the builder, identifying their desired property, arranging financing, customizing the home, construction, moving in, and warranty work.
  • Integrate the customer buying journey within the organization so that customers have a unified experience across all phases of the process.
  • Create efficiencies for both the customer and the organization by allowing customers to be more self-sufficient through technology.


Together with RevGen and a consumer research firm, the builder conducted customer experience research and interviewed prospects and customers at various points along the building journey.  These observations were distilled into findings that highlighted the customer sentiment throughout their journey.

From these findings, RevGen created a map of the current customer journey, highlighting ongoing activities, interactions with the builder, points of frustration, and customer aspirations.  Then, through a series of workshops, RevGen guided the builder in addressing customer frustrations and developing a future state customer journey map. In particular, fragmented digital tools and information sources are replaced with a portal to guide customers through each step in their journey.


RevGen provided the luxury builder with everything they need to engineer a quality customer experience aligned with their luxury brand, including:

  • Customer Journey Map: The future state customer journey map highlights all the interactions, activities, and frustrations of the customer and helps bring to life a vision of what the desired customer experience can be.
  • Digital Capabilities List: This matrix of potential digital capabilities enables the builder to evaluate and prioritize the digital functions they want to buy or develop to improve the customer journey. Capabilities include items such as 3-D visualization, scheduling components, unified communications, and document management.
  • Phased Roadmap: We broke the journey down into “crawl, walk, and run” By identifying the “minimum loveable product” for each phase, the roadmap allows the builder to prioritize their efforts and develop cohesive solutions that address customer needs and frustrations.
  • Requirements: Following agile principles, RevGen developed scenarios, user stories, and both business and technical requirements to support the evaluation of potential software solutions.


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