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Innovating for Meaningful Customer Connections

Designing a marketing campaign solution that develops holistic customer profiles for delivering targeted, dynamic campaign content

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Project Overview

As part of the RevGen Innovation Challenge, a RevGen consulting team partnered with RE/MAX to provide a proof-of-concept solution for a notable issue faced by RE/MAX agents and brokers.  

Our task was to create a solution to help national real estate company RE/MAX better connect with their customers through meaningful, targeted marketing content. RevGen proposed a method for collecting and using data to automate and customize content delivery for various customer segments while leveraging existing and easily accessible tools.  

Client Challenge

Customers seeking to purchase a property through RE/MAX’s website were targeted by generic marketing content once they were funneled into an email drip campaign. To even reach potential clients, these campaigns were dependent upon agents adding descriptive tags to the customer’s profile in the CRM platform, which would then associate them with targeted content. Given the cumbersome and inconvenient process, these email marketing campaigns were often forgotten altogether.

Inefficient campaign process

Relying on busy real estate agents to segment customers meant they were often tagged improperly or left out of campaigns entirely.

Underdeveloped customer profiles

Even when customers were tagged and marketed to, the lack of holistic data meant they often received content that wasn’t tailored to their needs.

Lack of dynamic content

In real estate, understanding what a client wants is the most important part of the house hunting process. The marketing should be the same. After all, parents with children have very different requirements from retirees. Unfortunately, the current process sent undifferentiated content to most clients.


After a thorough assessment of the current method, we identified areas of opportunity – in building customer profiles as well as email campaigns – where we could automate and streamline the marketing process for agents.


Our solution leveraged existing saved search functionality to identify strong candidates for drip campaigns and built out a trigger-based campaign to send more engaging and specific content to customers.

Better data collection

To create the most engaging marketing content, we needed a more holistic customer profile. By creating a new survey and using saved search data, we could leverage more actionable information from customers.

Technology and automation

Using Microsoft flow, we would trigger automated campaigns that were segmented by the updated customer profile​s. With the new survey data, the drip campaigns would be both timelier and more specific.

Marketing personalization

With the new process in place, we would be able to send customized emails to customers with relevant content based on their search criteria.

Agent engagement

The new process would provide agents with ready-made email campaigns as well as a greater breadth of customer data​. This could then be leveraged to build out an engine that could create highly customized campaigns based on customer responses.

"We partnered with RevGen in a proof-of-concept to tackle two distinct agile innovation challenges. RevGen brought technical expertise and know-how to deliver an innovative process that leveraged advanced technology and tools. RevGen presented a structured and agile approach for experimenting and learning for our future success, taking into account our team’s technical acumen. Overall, this short engagement was a success that we can use as a building block to transform our operations."


RevGen successfully demonstrated that RE/MAX could quickly and efficiently streamline the campaign automation process using a combination of existing functionality and readily available software with minimal costs.

New framework

RevGen provided a data collection framework for RE/MAX that could be used for customer tagging and campaign building.

New tools

We introduced new tools, such as Microsoft Forms, for collecting additional data about the customer, Power Automate for sending out automated emails, and Azure SQL database for a repository of comprehensive customer profiles. We also relied upon Microsoft Excel to construct modules aligning with customized data.

Specific automation triggers

With new technologies in place, the automated process would generate email campaigns triggered by specific events in the customer lifecycle.

Time saved

A drip campaign can take 2-15 hours to complete when manually curating content, customer segmentation, and other marketing considerations. Automating the drip campaign process would save an agent hours of setup.

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