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Optimizing Digital Marketing through Cloud Enablement and MLOps

RevGen helped our client implement an Azure Cloud solution to improve digital marketing operations and realize value from their AI efforts.

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Project Overview

Our client, a Fortune 500 telecom company, needed to migrate their digital marketing data and AI efforts to Azure cloud to gain new insights into their operations. We began by implementing four key workstreams focused on cloud enablement, analytics and insights, MLOps, and change management. Our goal was to empower them to become champions of their data, all while realizing the flexibility and scalability of cloud architecture.

Client Challenge

The client struggled with several cross-functional areas that led to lack of confidence in the data and reporting as well as limited insight into the digital customer experience. 

Lack of confidence in digital marketing reporting

Our client needed to work on consistency in their digital marketing reporting across various systems, leading to a lack of confidence in the data. They needed a solution to provide them with accurate and consistent reporting to better track their marketing efforts. 

Lack of insight into website visitors

The client also faced a challenge in needing proper insight into their website visitors. Without this information, they could not optimize their marketing efforts or create targeted campaigns. They needed a solution that would help them gain a better understanding of their website visitors. 

Performance and scalability issues with on-premise sources

As their digital marketing efforts grew, the client started experiencing performance and scalability issues with their on-premise data sources. They needed a solution that could accommodate their growing data needs while providing a reliable and secure platform. 

Absence of deployment strategies for advanced analytics

The client needed a proper strategy for deploying, managing and monitoring their digital marketing pipelines. There was significant effort (and demand) that went into advanced analytics & AI that was not able to be integrated into back-end systems for decision making. They needed a solution that could fit the growing demand of the business.


We worked closely with the client to set up an optimal Azure architecture that would provide a reliable and secure platform for their growing data needs. This included understanding the client’s web analytics use cases to ensure that the new solution could accommodate their unique requirements.

We also established an MLOps framework enabling the client to manage and analyze their AI efforts. This framework connected Azure ML to Synapse and the data lake, and implemented a best practice medallion architecture for handling data. To ensure the client was empowered to use the new framework, we provided thorough change management support and training, allowing them to become champions of their data.


We leveraged the capabilities and services of Azure cloud to solve the various challenges the client was facing. 

Data migration and pipeline development

To ensure the client’s data was accurate and reliable, we migrated their relevant digital marketing sources to Azure and developed pipelines and triggers to automate the data flow. This solution improved the client’s data quality and reduced the time and effort required for manual data management. 

MLOps framework

We developed a high performing data mart and MLOps architecture to optimize analytics and AI demands. This involved containerization, orchestration and deployment strategies tailored to the requirements of digital marketing’s models. We leveraged Azure ML, Synapse, Logic Apps and Data Lake as the primary services for operations.

Reporting best practices and embedded report data migration

We advised on reporting best practices and brought embedded report data to the cloud, improving the client’s reporting capabilities. This solution allowed the client to make data-driven decisions and track their digital marketing performance more effectively. 

Change enablement and support services

We provided the digital marketing team with change enablement and support services, ensuring they were empowered to fully utilize their new solution. This solution helped the client overcome adoption challenges and successfully integrate their new solution into their business operations. 


We provided the client with accurate reporting, a unified data view, and improved scalability through Azure. The client is now able to effectively manage their data and make data-driven decisions while utilizing a flexible and scalable computing platform at reasonable costs. 

Audience insights and greater personalization

By implementing the necessary tools and business logic, we were able to successfully deanonymize digital marketing website visitors, providing the client with a better understanding of their audience and the ability to deliver more personalized experiences. 

Boosted confidence in reporting while saving time and effort

By consolidating all relevant data sources into a single, cloud-based platform, we were able to help the client gain greater confidence in their digital marketing reporting, save time and reduce errors associated with data reconciliation. 

Provided flexibility and scalability through new cloud architecture

We established a cloud architecture that provided flexible and scalable computing at reasonable costs. By migrating the client’s data assets to the cloud, we also provided a framework for future teams to utilize as they also migrate to the cloud, ensuring that the client is well-positioned for future growth and success. 

Met demand for enhanced analytics through streamlined deployment

By implementing an MLOps framework, the digital marketing team accelerated turnaround time for analytics requests – getting insights into their stakeholders’ hands ten times more quickly. They now have enhanced collaboration across data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and business users, and have built trust in the ‘black box’ that used to exist. The added trust in the output is now driving even more demand!

Success Stories

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