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Grow Sales with Digitally-Enabled Processes

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Project Overview

An agriculture products company experienced challenges in balancing the importance of building sales relationships with the growing customer demand for digital engagement. RevGen helped the company focus on building sales enablement processes to provide consistent customer experiences, as well as leveraging digital capabilities to accelerate sales touchpoints. Standardized and digitally-enabled sales processes allowed the company to collect relevant and timely data to be used to improve sales forecasting; manage the sales touchpoints and opportunity pipeline; and provide a reliable signal to supply management.

Client Challenge

The sales teams had a long history of success leveraging customer relationships and managing sales processes in spreadsheets. They had the time to manually aggregate sales information to make informed decisions. As their customer expectations shifted, the sales teams struggled to keep up. Some of the challenges they faced include:

Disparate and Undocumented Processes – Market analysis, sales process, and forecasting process were ad hoc and inconsistent, with a reliance on intuition and individual practices.

Inefficient Technology Configuration – Customer relationship management (CRM) was focused on contract and order management rather than opportunity and account management.

Mismatched Technology Platforms – The use of technologies and tools for analysis and collaboration varied across business units, impeding the ability to work together to serve customers across the product portfolio.

Incomplete Forecasting and Sales Metrics – Forecasting centered on supply chain management, not on predictive sales, sales strategy, and accountability.


RevGen began with a current state assessment focused on identifying sales enablement inefficiencies and providing best-practice guidance on processes. We then worked with the sales team to design the future state of sales enablement through a series of workshops, building processes and business requirements. Finally, RevGen developed an iterative roadmap to implement the new processes and deliver business value along the way.

Current State Assessment – Assessed organization against leading sales and operational practices and provided gap analysis to improve standardization and efficiency.

Future State Process and Technology Model – Developed future state sales enablement processes, supported by people, technology, and data needs. Recommended re-configuring CRM to deliver capabilities for account, opportunity, and forecast management. Made the case for adding sales enablement and operations roles to the sales team to improve sales effectiveness.

Implementation Roadmap – Created a three-phased, iterative roadmap to move from a random to dynamic sales process. The roadmap also aligned people, process, data and technology advancements to deliver value with each phase.


Established Sales Enablement Processes – Outlined path to deliver consistent sales, forecasting and supply management processes, improving collaboration and making it easier to serve customers.

Aligned Technology across Sales Teams – Consistent use of technology, building capability to share information, manage processes, and understand performance metrics.

Validated Case for Change – Provided future state design and roadmap, supporting the sales enablement case for digital transformation and a curated customer experience.

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