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Enabling a Customer-Centric Organization

Bringing a customer-centric approach to product management for a wireless provider

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Project Overview

RevGen helped a Fortune 500 telecommunications company incorporate a customercentric perspective into its operational and digital product development efforts for a new wireless line of business.   

Client Challenge

The client was undergoing a multi-year effort to aggressively enter the wireless industry through the re-launch and creation of multiple wireless brands. They required strategic guidance and expertise with Customer Experience (CX) best practices and project and product management leadership to support its Digital CX, Channel Expansion, IT, and business teams to drive maturity through digital and brick and mortar channels, all within a rapid timeframe.

Fast moving deadlines for nationwide launch

Short timelines required critical coordinated planning to ensure teams focused on the most pressing priorities.

Siloed team structure

Isolated teams with disparate communication channels led to duplicated and contradictory efforts.

Emerging customer experience practices

Under-developed foundational CX team practices limited positive impact of a customer-centric design.


RevGen brought its Customer Experience and Project Management expertise and leadership to support the newly formed Customer Journey team. In addition, we bolstered the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) team with Product Management expertise across new brands rooted in a customer-centric, agile culture and focusing on repeatable processes.


The solution included instituting best practices, implementing scalable processes, and defining an organizational structure that brought clarity to teams’ roles while aligning with their capabilities.

Anchored product development stages with customer journeys

RevGen identified stakeholders to participate in CX workshops to understand how to best approach the different brands and cross-functional team involvement. The CX team took the first steps with brand development to help articulate the desired customer experience through journey maps. These maps served as the foundation for the retail wireless efforts, enabling customer-centricity throughout the product development stages.

Introduced Product and Project Management processes

RevGen helped introduce structure around Product Management, including feature writing, design support, and communications to align across business teams. We also implemented new processes and organization through project management and agile practices to keep feature and design creation in-line with IT development timeframes. Finally, we partnered with DCX client leads to document these processes and other key learnings to support continued client success and faster on-boarding of new team members.

Informed CX organizational structure

As subject matter experts, RevGen applied industry best practices that helped move the organization towards ongoing customer experience management through a revamped CX organization with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

"RevGen helped our Customer Journey team with best practices and hands-on support to help us define the customer journey and partner with design and business teams to drive a new line of business. The RevGen team provided the needed guidance and support to help our newly formed team successfully deliver on its commitments."


RevGen successfully helped the client design a customer-centric perspective for four brands across multiple channels, including digital and brick and mortar.

A strong foundation

RevGen provided guidance and support on development of customer journey maps, service blueprints, and capability frameworks that fostered a common language to understand product visions.

Collaborative development

By connecting feature writers and UI designers with IT, the company’s IT team could better support initial commercial and future release planning as it worked confidently to develop capabilities.

Revamped Agile processes

The client now has an iterative, agile process for intake and to breakdown new initiatives from the business, and to align with IT, thanks to RevGen’s project management expertise.

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