Efficiencies and Cost Savings through Digital Solutions

Delivering speed and accuracy for system migration and consolidation

Project Overview

A series of mergers left a large U.S.-based cable operator supporting numerous billing systems, resulting in disjointed customer and revenue cycle management. As such, the company decided to consolidate systems to streamline operations and customer service. The selected billing application supported the initial load of customers from the older system to the new as well as a subset of orders. RevGen was responsible for implementing a tailored solution to support the efficient and accurate backlog processing for all other orders not automatically converted.

Client Challenge

Managing Backlogged Orders – The company was considering managing backlog processing for a large number of orders with spreadsheets and hard copies – a move that would not only hurt accuracy, but would make customer service agents’ jobs of finding, fixing, and adding orders to the new system trying and manually intensive.

Finding a System that Worked – The company needed a proven digital solution to streamline the processing and tracking of backlogged orders and accounts, tailored for their specific environment – to mitigate customer impacting mistakes during migration.


Efficient System Migration Order Management – The client can now load, organize, convert, and manage backlogged orders quickly and easily at scale. What used to take weeks now takes only days.

Intuitive Workflow – RevGen designed the workflow to be both intuitive and easy to learn – very little training is required. In fact, the workflow leads employees through the process of either solving order issues or converting orders.

Customizable Format – The client can now easily customize both backlog queues and workflow to organize and format data quickly and accurately for system entry.


Cost & Time Savings – Nearly 75% more efficient with tailored digital solution vs. manual backlog management. Enabled over 200 users to leverage the application simultaneously to complete backlogged orders more efficiently and with higher productivity.

Customer Experience – The accuracy enabled by the solution reduced negative customer impacts by automatically mapping key data elements to reduce manual entry error in the future state system.

Visibility & Workload Management – Real-time reporting allowed the customer team to quickly make data-driven decisions to manage workloads most effectively.

On-time Delivery – The solution made a significant contribution to the on-time and cost-effective delivery of the overall program objectives.

Success Stories

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