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Driving Qualtrics XM Adoption and CX Improvements

With RevGen’s in-depth knowledge of the Customer Experience platform Qualtrics XM, we helped a national telecommunication client expedite adoption of the technology, helping them generate an immediate return.

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Project Overview

Following RevGen’s efforts to support our national telecom client build out their Customer Experience (CX) program, an opportunity arose to enhance their current Qualtrics platform use as well as expand their processes to benefit from new Qualtrics XM solutions. 

Client Challenge

Speeding the adoption of Qualtrics included much more than ensuring the technology was working properly. Our client had several other processes and skillset issues to address as well. 

Qualtrics data integrity

The data that was available was both limited and low quality due to inactivity, duplications, and non-uniform scaling. 

Organizational turnover

Business restructuring and employee turnover caused knowledge gaps to widen regarding historical decisions and context. 

Application functionality knowledge gap

Available functionality from Qualtrics was not yet implemented, leaving untapped potential to leverage existing journey data to provide insights. 


Our efforts to overcome these challenges while gaining immediate impacts from the Qualtrics platform could be categorized into two workstreams. The first was to review the current use of Qualtrics, which focused on customer surveys – a legacy process with outdated survey design that required manual intervention to sustain.   

Our second focus was to provide an understanding of the new Qualtrics XM functionality to advance journey management and best utilize available data.   


RevGen quickly learned our client’s existing Qualtrics environment so we could then provide sustainable processes and design improvements to survey management. In addition, as a Qualtrics partner, RevGen was able to provide expert guidance and tactical tasks to support long-term Qualtrics utilization and adoption.

Customer survey enhancements

First, we provided a detailed and easily followed path for our client to gain sustainable survey management and improved customer feedback, regardless of resource turnover. 

Qualtrics integration efforts

RevGen applied direct knowledge of our client’s current technology, data sources, and digital customer journeys to enable Qualtrics as a source of streamlined customer experience data and insights.  

Piloted Qualtrics experience management functionality

We program managed our client’s and Qualtrics’ efforts to build a proof-of-concept that would enhance the digital customer journey with the goal of increasing the volume of customers moving from checkout to payment. By doing so, we ensured it was a repeatable concept for additional journeys and products.   


With the direction RevGen provided, the client could generate immediate value by adopting Qualtrics XM throughout the CX organization and business partners.   

Improved digital journey and increased purchases

The Qualtrics XiD proof-of-concept work provided the client with improved digital journeys and increased a customer’s checkout completion rate by 3%. This work enabled the client to apply the Qualtrics functionality on other parts of the customer journey, supporting additional high-value business use cases. 

Data and insights visibility

Qualtrics utilization advancements such as the StatsiQ arm of Qualtrics allowed our client to strengthen their CX insights with leading indicators and correlations to business metrics. 

Increased business unit trust in CX team

Utilizing Qualtrics as a source of truth for customer data and sentiment while being able to visibly display that data along the customer journey fostered an environment for increased trust between CX and their internal business partners.   

Improved VoC metric quality

Through survey management improvements such as correcting metric scales, removing survey biases and focusing survey goals, the VoC metric data (including NPS and CSAT) resulted in quality improvements and increased survey response rates.    

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