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Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Meeting customer demands in a digital environment

Digital Strategy

Project Overview

Sometimes it takes just a little boost to get out of your comfort zone and do something so transformational that it moves you to the top of the competitive ladder. This relationship-driven lender needed to shed their old ways of thinking and move into the digital era their customers were demanding.

Client Challenge

Lenders have relied on personal relationships for so long that they are just now catching up with the digital age. This particular lender realized their customers expect to accomplish more of their banking tasks, including loan applications and money movement, through low/no touch digital channels. They knew they had to compete with the technical advances of large financial institutions and the emerging pressures from fintech in order to meet the expectations of the next generation of customers.


The lender brought in RevGen to help strategize, plan, and execute a digital roadmap that would help them be more competitive among financial institutions.

RevGen gathered its experts in digital transformation, digital technologies, customer experience, and financial services to collaborate with the client. We reviewed everything from customer insights and market data to the customer journey and possible threats and disruptions. We created and validated customer personas and co-created a digital customer journey for each persona with the client.


RevGen applied a strategic framework to the challenge of going digital in a financial world.

Understand who your customers are and what they need. After conducting several two-day workshops, the lenders’ employees were able to identify the various customer personas that they service. We co-created a digital journey for each persona, highlighting the digital capabilities the lender needed to provide.

Create a capabilities roadmap. In collaboration with the lender, RevGen created a customized solution roadmap outlining what the client needed to do to develop a measurable and actionable understanding of the customer journey and experience.

Develop a requirements set for technology. It was important to know what the different features of digital banking technologies can do for customers. We helped the lender understand what the digital environment for financial service institutions looks like today and where it is going tomorrow.

Identify technology solutions. RevGen helped the lender scan the technology market to find digital solutions that would meet the needs of their customers and integrate into their enterprise architecture. After narrowing the list, RevGen wrote requests for information (RFI) and finally a request for proposal (RFP) for the chosen technology solutions.

Gain corporate buy-in. For many years, employees were motivated to develop and maintain personal banking relationships with their customers. Although some employees felt that technology might threaten their job, RevGen helped the lender’s employees to see how technology could actually improve their relationships.


In just a few months, the lender had a strategy and plan for how to deliver an end-to-end digital experience. Employees are excited about shaping the future of their organization and the benefits it will bring to their customers.

RevGen and the lender jointly developed a high-level solution architecture plan, integrating the components of the new digital platform to achieve a holistic view of the customer experience. The lender is excited to move forward with the next phase – implementation. RevGen will be there every step of the way to help with program management, change management, and Agile coaching.


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