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Digital Strategy

Project Overview

This relationship-driven bank needed to optimize its digital customer service capabilities to avoid disruption by technology startups and prepare for the next generation of customers. We helped the client define a digital strategy framework to optimize the quality of its customer experience and remain relevant from today well into the future.

Client Challenge

This financial services provider for the agriculture industry has a well-established tradition of putting customers first.  The bank recognized that their traditional approaches would no longer serve the changing expectations of their customers. Specifically, the bank recognized several looming challenges:

  • Improving its digital capabilities to provide a better end-to-end customer experience
  • Competing with tech-savvy startups, which were making inroads against the major banks
  • Meeting the expectations of the next generation of farmers


We gathered our experts in digital transformation, digital technologies, customer experience and banking to collaborate with the client on developing a digital strategy to help it keep pace with emerging technologies and changing customer needs.

During the first phase of the engagement, we reviewed everything from customer insights and market data to the customer journey and possible threats and disruptions. We created and validated customer personas and developed a digital journey for each of them. We also took the time to ask:

  • How can we improve the bank’s digital presence?
  • What’s the right feature set for the agricultural industry?
  • Should we add features that are popular at traditional banks?
  • What new technologies will be needed going forward?


In the second phase of the solution, we created recommendations, a roadmap, and helped ensure executive support and alignment. Recommendations included:

  • Integrating the CRM and loan origination platforms to achieve a holistic view of the customer experience
  • Deploying an integrated digital enablement solution to deliver an end-to-end loan approval process
  • Delivering digital cash management capabilities


We created a customized and prioritized roadmap that outlined what the client needed to do to develop a measurable and actionable understanding of the customer journey and experience.

Then we created a governance model for the future. This included helping the client determine roles and responsibilities and providing suggestions for managing and updating the digital customer environment on an ongoing basis.

Eventually, we presented the proposal to the client’s executive team to ensure ‘buy-in’ for the solution.


Through the digital strategy solution, RevGen provided the client with the industry knowledge, insights, and perspective on digital disruption that they needed to plan for the right solution implementation. In particular, we were able to help the client:

  • View the current state objectively and accept the need for a change
  • Gain ‘Quick Win’ iterative steps they could use to improve customer service
  • Embrace digital disruption while avoiding costly investments in wrong solutions
  • Acquire the blueprint architecture needed to implement the solution

Once its implemented, the client expects the solution to fully integrate its sales systems and provide digital enablement for end-to-end loan processing and online cash management.


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