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Customer Care Commissions Application

A flexible compensation solution for a dynamic care environment

Project Overview

The call center team at a large telecommunications company had a commissions platform that was outdated, inflexible, and costly to maintain.  RevGen Partners stepped in to provide a custom solution that accommodated multiple teams and changing business needs.

Client Challenge

The contact center leadership faced significant challenges as they modernized their call routing processes, team structures, and compensation plans.  They found their existing platform was not able to adapt in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Changes to the platform were costly and time-consuming – the business environment was changing rapidly, and the existing platform required many months of development time and costs to accommodate routine change requests.

Frontline Agents Lacked Visibility – Agents didn’t have a way to view their daily performance and their cumulative payout throughout the month.

Existing Solution Couldn’t be Scaled – The existing platform couldn’t add work queues or adapt to the changing business needs that included restructuring their call center teams to handle multiple call types and associated changes in commission structures.


RevGen developed the solution and executed the project plan in close partnership with the client.

  1. Met with the client’s in-house administrators and subject matter experts to discover the pain points and business needs.
  2. Gathered business requirements and created screen mock-ups for the new solution.
  3. Conducted development via an iterative process with constant client feedback.
  4. Coordinated the end-user testing and roll-out communications for the release to the users.


RevGen developed a custom commission application that ingests performance data, calculates results, and engages the frontline.

  • Configurable Compensation Plans. The solution was designed and built to provide maximum flexibility to operations. Plan configurations can be quickly be modified to adapt to changing business or market needs. System seamlessly integrates new packages or price changes with no new software development.
  • Informative and Relevant Visualizations. Accurate and informative agent dashboards make it simple to understand current performance daily, while also pinpointing where opportunities exist to improve future payouts.


Improved Agent Experience & Results. In the first two months after the solution implementation, operations achieved 158% and 164% of their sales and revenue targets respectively.

Operational Flexibility with Reduced Costs. Management can rapidly implement plans to drive desired agent behavior with limited interruption to operations. Analysts can easily assess past performance, develop supporting materials for reviews with agents, and establish future goals.

Increased Operational Efficiency. Commission inquiry turnaround time reduced from 2 weeks to 2 days. Daily reporting reduced to 15 minutes from 2 hours. Prep for coaching sessions and month-end adjustments both reduced from hours to minutes.

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