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Cost Avoidance and Improved System Performance through Data

Improved system performance and cost avoidance for global communications company

Project Overview

Following the acquisition of another large telecommunications company, the combined company ERP system was performing poorly and housed volumes of historical data that required additional licensing and hardware costs to maintain.

The goal: Develop an archiving strategy where key business stakeholders would (i) approve the parameters around data archiving for legal and regulatory purposes, (ii) understand where the data was being archived and how to retrieve the data, and (iii) mitigate near-term IT spend by avoiding costs (nearly $1M) for additional hardware and licensing.

Client Challenge

System Growth & Stability – ERP system growing at significant rate without a defined archiving strategy to offload expired volumes of data.

Neglected Maintenance – Lack of archiving strategy leading to poor performance and the need to procure additional hardware to maintain business as usual functions.

Unclear Ownership – Business ownership around critical data in the ERP was unknown, but the business was required to sign off on removal of live data, retention period(s), and residence period(s). IT had initiated archiving efforts in the past but struggled to get business engagement and alignment.


To sort through the challenges and deliver a sustainable solution, RevGen knew from the outset that a partnership between IT and the business would be a critical success factor.

First, came level setting on guiding principles across these groups: what is archiving, how should it be executed, and how to maintain accessibility to the historical volumes of data – before soliciting signoff on the objects to be archived.

Next, a detailed execution plan was formulated to frequently radiate progress and communicate metrics to leadership on space savings. This was key to keeping the business engaged and to show incremental value throughout the process.


Assess & Identify – Perform ERP system diagnostic to identify the largest and fastest growing data objects for archiving prioritization.

Business Alignment – Identify the appropriate business points of contact from Finance, Audit, Legal, etc. to approve on residence and retention periods. This started with education on archiving and retrieval processes to prove out the mechanism to retrieve and review historical volumes.

Perform Archiving – Based on priorities and business signoff, archive critical objects in conjunction with client IT staff to educate on the process for go-forward execution. Develop a detailed execution plan with milestones for IT to continue executing as on-going maintenance of the system.


Cost Avoidance – Improved stability of the ERP system and avoided costs (nearly $1M) associated to additional hardware and licensing.

Archiving Strategy – Ability to leverage RevGen- enabled archiving strategy on the remaining ERP data landscape to improve performance and avoid incurring additional costs in the future.

Business Engagement – Business stakeholders developed a baseline understanding of archiving and are now comfortable with offloading volumes of data and retrieving at a later point in time.

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