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Contact Center Action Plan

Improving Performance for Better Customer Experiences

Contact Center

Project Overview

A home warranty business needed to address customer service concerns at their contact center. The company sought an actionable roadmap to improve their contact center performance and its influence on the customer experience.

Client Challenge

When external market factors forced a home warranty business to execute tight cost control measures in many client-facing areas, the performance of the outsourced customer call center declined and no longer met the company’s objectives.

The senior leadership team turned to RevGen to facilitate an objective assessment of client-facing activities and to develop a service improvement plan that focused on improving the overall customer experience.


Faced with a lack of recent process documentation and performance data, we were tasked with orchestrating a comprehensive assessment of all customer-facing processes. We conducted extensive interviews; defined key performance indicators (including cycle times, contact rates, hand-offs and resolution time); and then we analyzed historical data against those indicators. Our assessment uncovered the following key findings:

  • Multiple hand-offs for a single customer issue
  • High repeat calls by customers to resolve a single issue
  • Minimal proactive status updates to customers
  • Lack of training and transparency within the outsourced contact center
  • Inadequate staffing and workforce management, especially during peak periods

Once the assessment was complete, we worked closely with the company’s management and staff to implement a series of recommendations to improve contact center performance and enhance the customer experience.


Our solution for the home warranty business took the shape of a multi-year roadmap that guided long-term, sustainable improvements to the contact center and the overall customer experience. Our assessment team collaborated on the execution and provided the necessary program management and subject matter expertise to implement six key initiatives.

  1. Streamline Interactive Voice Response (IVR): We provided project and subject matter support to streamline the corporate IVR system. This entailed consolidating over 100 phone numbers down to 3 primary numbers, through which 80% of the call traffic was filtered. These recommendations enabled the business to improve the customer experience, provide efficient and accurate routing of calls and promote self-service opportunities.
  2. Vendor Management Program: Our team facilitated the development of cost and quality measures for the call center, as well as training and a business review cadence.
  3. Vendor Selection Process: We spearheaded the RFP process and led the selection for a new call center vendor that could best meet the company’s new requirements.
  4. Work Force Management: We created a formal work force manager position and implemented software that helped the home warranty business forecast, schedule and analyze calls and employee results. This has led to increased quality and reduced costs.
  5. Peak Season Planning: A cross-functional task force was created to effectively manage the demands of the peak season. This team enabled reliable forecasting for staffing requirements and defined the interim policies and process changes that could accommodate peak period call volumes.
  6. Change Management: Lastly, we facilitated the design and implementation of an organizational change model that could overcome the natural resistance to new systems and processes.

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