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Business Intelligence Delivered

Designing a custom business intelligence solution for better reporting, reduced overhead, and easy-to-use dashboards

Project Overview

A shared services organization realized its old legacy sources and outdated reporting solutions weren’t keeping up with demand and that they needed to be replaced.

Client Challenge

Lack of clarity in metrics and technology – The organization lacked clearly defined company-wide metrics and its technology was disjointed.

Lack of expertise and needless complexities – There was a lack of expertise with the toolset which made development cycles costly and time consuming. The company used business objects regularly for dashboard reporting which made adding reports complex.

Training the IT organization for new technology and toolset – The Microsoft stack was implemented (SSIS, SSRS, and Power BI). Due to tight deadlines, we had to develop and deploy the solution while coaching/training the client together.


Architecture and Data Governance – Designed and developed a data mart to combine many different data sources and provide an auditing trail for the data.

Fully Scalable Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) System – Created a fully scalable ETL process to populate the new data warehouse. The company could run this process several times a day if needed and use it for more better visibility and troubleshooting.

Dashboard / Reporting Solution – Replaced the legacy business objects dashboard with power business intelligence. Created three more dashboards for better insights to the business.


With new reporting management, the company can:
• Develop reports in house with greater efficiency
• Cut production time for new dashboards/reports
• Reduce overhead needed to maintain reporting solutions

With improved month-end closing process, the company can:
• Easily create and make journal entry adjustments
• Re-run dashboards to reflect the changes throughout the day, if needed

With improved visibility, the company can:
• Run more transparent, robust reports that share key business metrics more efficiently

Success Stories

A pie chart divided into three sections, with representative people tokens in those same colors to show a customer segmentation model.

Developing a Future-Proof Customer Segmentation Model

Artificial IntelligenceAnalytics & InsightsCustomer Experience

To improve sales efficiency, our client needed an “At-a-Glance” customer segmentation model that could evolve with their business.

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Businessman points to a holographic report of a financial growth line

Growing Revenues through Data-Driven Pricing Strategy

Analytics & InsightsCustomer Experience

Through a combination of data science and business expertise, RevGen devised a strategy that would grow our client’s revenues by more than 20%.

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A young white man presents data on a large TV to a board meeting.

Crafting a Data & Analytics Strategy and Proof-of-Concept Dashboard

Analytics & Insights

Our client, a national construction firm, needed a clear, detailed path to resolving their data availability, quality and reporting confidence issues. RevGen stepped in to craft a holistic Data & Analytics Strategy to give them a way forward.

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