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Aligning an Operating Model with Business Strategy

Linking strategy with the operating model improves business results, customer and employee experiences.

Project Overview

A national lending company sought to reorganize its operating model to better align with its business strategy, clarify staff roles, achieve greater fiscal oversight, and improve customer and employee experiences.


Client Challenge

As RevGen began working with the company’s leadership, four primary challenges soon came to light:

  1. Strategic and Functional Gaps – The company lacked strategic and functional oversight of operations for real estate and capital expenditure
  2. Operational Inefficiency – The company had little fiscal responsibility, its technology was disparate, and processes were
  3. Immature Data – The company needed a single source of information for operational/financial data, specific metrics to aid in decision making, and discipline in financial planning and
  4. Siloed Process & Technology –With inconsistent and manual processes, the technology wasn’t integrated to manage operational functions.


RevGen worked side-by-side with the organization’s leaders at the outset to solve the challenges and create an operating model that aligned with strategy. To do that, RevGen and the company representatives:

  • Identified Pain Points and Opportunities – We conducted a series of stakeholder interviews and assessed current state to identify existing pain points. We used this information to highlight gaps, formulate recommendations, and develop the organization’s strategy and
  • Created a Work Map and Technology Map – We developed visual models to document current functions performed and supported the organization’s
  • Performed an Operational Analysis – We analyzed current operations and then organized our findings to reflect pain points and
  • Evaluated Data – We then assessed all data and findings to draw conclusions based on our subject matter expertise and comparison to leading practice
  • Formulated and Suggested Next Steps – Finally, we formed alternatives and recommendations for improvements.


After successfully assessing the company’s challenges, we formulated a roadmap with solutions to achieve the future state operating model and improve current processes. The roadmap encompassed the following components:


Added More Efficiency and Cost Savings – Created standardized and efficient processes that made the company more responsive to business partners.


Upgraded Internal Resources That Can Scale – Developed a superior resource model which empowers teams to become strategic advisors and business partners.


Formed Current State Assessment – Created visual models to document current functions and supporting technology; evaluated against branches leading practice.


Constructed Future State Operating Model – Built a flexible and scalable operating model to show how the company would focus on customer and employee experiences while delivering value to the bottom line.


Improved Customer and Employee Experience – Delivered sustainable solutions for better customer and employee experiences with optimized spaces, more collaboration, and updated technology.


Produced a Defined Roadmap – Formed alternatives and recommendations for a roadmap that led to a new operating model, more efficiency, and a stronger more effective organizational structure.

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