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The RevGen Difference

Promoting the passions of our developers is a win-win



At RevGen, we know that developers have seemingly unlimited options in today’s job market. We also recognize that, by their very nature, developers continually seek out The New: new technologies, new applications … and new jobs.

We know that attracting and retaining the finest developers entails creating a culture so supportive, so fulfilling, and so different from that found at other companies, that leaving is out of the question.


Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

From day one, developers at RevGen are part of a community that meets regularly via our Competencies Program. We collectively explore new technologies, skills, and capabilities; and share ideas, news, events, challenges, and opportunities,. At RevGen, we believe that great minds don’t think alike. When a developer is feeling stuck on a certain project or technological issue, he or she has a network of developer colleagues to turn to for assistance. This idea sharing has yielded countless creative solutions for clients over the years.

Our Innovation Program is open to the entire organization. Through this initiative, we crowdsource ideas from RevGen employees that could potentially deliver value to clients. When a viable idea is identified, a maker team forms to further define and develop the idea with the ultimate goal of bringing it to market. Our developers are key to this process, which allows them to apply their knowledge and skills in exciting ways beyond the scope of their daily responsibilities.


Promoting Passion

When developers join RevGen, they know they’ll be part of a team working directly with clients to develop solutions for a wide range of challenges and opportunities. What they don’t realize until they start working with us is just how committed we are to their evolution as technologists.

By its very nature, technology is continuously evolving, and we want our developers to do the same. To cultivate an environment that promotes professional growth and fulfillment, we work to identify our developers’ passions and create pathways to incorporate these into their work.

A developer may be immersed in one technology at work but enthralled by another on his or her own time, for example. Bringing that outside interest into RevGen will make the developer eager to come to work, feel valued as a professional and as a person, and may contribute to an innovative client solution. Applying new ways of thinking and doing business benefits our employees, the company, and our clients.


Business as Unusual

Naturally, we offer all the traditional professional development opportunities for our employees at RevGen: Conferences, continuing education, online resources, career coaching, and more. More importantly, we foster a rich and reward culture that is out of the ordinary: we promoting passions that can advance our business; we continuously solicit feedback; and we operate from a place of inherent trust from day one. RevGen reaps the benefits of this formula with high employee and client satisfaction.

As the saying goes, you get out what you put in. We make a point of putting everything in when it comes to our people.

That’s the RevGen difference.



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