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Delivering Trusted Data with the Informatica Data Governance Technology Suite

How the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform can integrate into your business' data governance solution


Author: Ramon Pettigrew


Embarking upon a concerted data governance effort means being prepared to make a significant investment in the technology to make it successful. That technology should be tested, proven, and capable of scaling for future needs.

The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform is one we’ve found that delivers all the necessary touch points and controls to provide the key to sustainable data governance: repeatable automation applied to industry best practices.


What is Data Governance?

Data Governance is a set of principles, standards, and practices that ensures your data is reliable and consistent, so it can be trusted to drive business initiatives, make decisions, and power digital transformations.

A successful data governance program enables companies to do these things in a way that is repeatable, which scales and adapts as the volume of data and number of sources grow and the technologies used evolve. In short, good data governance means you can use your data with confidence, both now and in the future.


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Informatica as a market leader in Data Governance

There are many technology options available in the marketplace today. Informatica’s suite of tools are recognized as one of the most proficient and wholistic in all the key aspects of data governance. Automation of data-centric duties that are typically completed manually is the bread and butter of the Informatica brand.

Informatica provides a powerful set of applications that will drive trusted decisions, save valuable time, and scale your growth, both on-premises and in the cloud. Here’s a quick look at Informatica’s individual tools and their roles in delivering an end-to-end solution.


Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

Enterprise Data Catalog uses AI to classify and organize data assets across an enterprise to maximize data value and reuse. It performs data curation and end-to-end data lineage tracking, as well as scans and indexes metadata from cloud applications, business intelligence tools, and ETL layers.


Informatica Data Quality 

Every business has a need for clean, useful data assets. Informatica Data Quality is used for data profiling, standardization, and rule creation and administration.


Informatica Axon DG Tools

Axon is used to foster collaboration between Business and IT leadership. It helps define key data elements, and provides access to curated, governed data from a single source, which better drives master data initiatives such as security and privacy at an enterprise level.


The RevGen Approach

To begin an actionable and scalable Data Governance program, RevGen leverages the power of Informatica to propel Data and Analytics Strategy Pillars: People, Process, Data, and Technology.

We observe and evaluate our client’s vision, business case, regulatory and legal requirements, as well as any additional data challenges they may face. This allows us to design and implement an actionable, yet scalable data governance framework. The framework enforces the necessary rule development and application via the Informatica Toolset, which gives them confidence in their data enterprise wide.


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At RevGen, our goal is to align our collective know-how with the best tools in an established space while leaving plenty of room to grow and scale to our client’s vision and needs. Informatica’s suite of services is just one excellent method for implementing better data governance at any organization.

Interested in evaluating your Data Governance program or exploring your technology options? Contact one of our Informatica experts to schedule a quick chat or visit our Technology Services site to understand what other services we offer.


Ramon Pettigrew is a Data Solutions Architect at RevGen with over 20 years of experience with Informatica.

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