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Day of Understanding: Candid Conversations

We are joining hundreds of organizations in CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion's 3rd Annual Day of Understanding

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April 2021

In the wake of a pivotal year that brought political division, racial tensions, and a pandemic, RevGen is joining hundreds of organizations across the US to participate in CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion’s third annual Day of Understanding.

While RevGen and the other signatories facilitate learning and conversations about diversity and inclusion throughout the year, the Day of Understanding in April provides leaders across the coalition’s nearly 2,000 organizations a collective opportunity to lead open dialogue and inspire change with over 13 million employees.

In 2021, we are committed to increasing learning opportunities and forums for safe and open conversations about a wide range of diversity and inclusion topics. Specifically, for the first half of the year we are growing our awareness, honoring differences, and celebrating diversity through monthly themes including Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Diversity Month, Asian/Pacific American History Month, and Pride Month.

For our Day of Understanding which occurs during Diversity Month, we invited all employees to participate in a safe and open lunchtime conversation. We are using the Diversity Wheel as a tool to explore differences and similarities from a variety of perspectives, and continue to build our understanding, respect, and appreciation for different dimensions of diversity.

RevGen’s Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

We know that our business is stronger when we welcome diversity of background, experience, and thought. We are committed to work together; to engage in real conversations; and to foster an environment where people feel they are seen and valued for who they are.  By cultivating a workplace where we all thrive together, we deliver greater impact for each other, our clients, and our community.


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