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A Commitment to Success: Our 2021 Client Satisfaction Survey

The results of the 2021 Client Satisfaction Survey are in

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RevGen prides ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients. In fact, 90% of our customers choose to reengage with us. Of course, as consultants, we understand the necessity of continuous improvement, so earlier this year we launched our first Client Satisfaction Survey to further our commitment to client success.  

“Building and maintaining client relationships and specifically, building mutual trust, is key to delivering meaningful value to our clients and continuing the growth of RevGen,” says Chrissy Winkler, Vice President of Client Services. “Building that trust enables new clients to engage us with confidence and current clients to return to us first when addressing a challenge or harnessing an opportunity.”


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To understand where we must improve to keep building those strong relationships, first we must understand where we currently stand. 

One of the most common measures of customer satisfaction is Net Promoter Score (NPS). This metric is calculated by asking a single question – would you recommend RevGen Partners to a friend or colleague – and asking respondents to rate that likelihood on a scale of 1-10. Scores range between -100 and 100 based on the number of promoters, passives, and detractors.  

Based on the results from our survey, we are delighted to announce RevGen received a score of 74, considered excellent on the NPS scale, even nearing world class. 

Not only were the numbers favorable, but the direct feedback was, too.


“[RevGen] brings expertise to the table.” 

“The set up and general structure [of RevGen’s work] have given us the foundation from which to build. … that sped up our efforts by light years…” 

“[RevGen] was exceptionally accommodating to our needs and questions.” 

“They had the ability to work effectively across all levels and contributors in my organization.” 


Of course, as part of these efforts we will also be looking at some of our opportunities identified in the survey, so we can continue to provide our clients with the best services and experiences possible. 

“Hearing from our clients about what we do well and the areas where we have opportunity is key to our success,” says Michelle Robinson, Vice President of Client Success. “As a company, we know we can never stop learning and growing. It’s key to providing better experiences for our clients.”


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One of those opportunities included sharing more of our thought leadership. We are going to be continuing these efforts and encourage you to [link]subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn to get notified when we post new articles and insights. 

Thank you to all our clients who took the time to answer our client satisfaction survey. We wouldn’t be the firm we are today without you, and we look forward to delighting you again in the future. 

To learn how to set up your own customer satisfaction toolbox, contact one of our customer experience experts to have a quick chat about your organization’s needs. 





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