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Sales Transformation

  • Are your sales strategy and goals aligned with your corporate strategy and goals?
  • Is your sales process defined and documented? Have you provided the appropriate tools to enable and support your team?
  • Is your CRM system fully implemented and integrated with other systems? Is it aligned with your sales processes and people?
  • Does your sales team have information at its fingertips to optimize every prospect and customer interaction?

RevGen Partners applies best practices to design, integrate and align your sales processes, people and technology with your business goals. RevGen will work with you to optimize your sales and marketing cycles and drive sales results and profitability.

What We Do

  • Set and monitor optimized sales targets and metrics to achieve your business goals
  • Optimize your sales processes to maximize your results
  • Deploy predictive analytics to anticipate best next selling opportunities
  • Design commission systems that drive desired sales force behavior
  • Implement your CRM, integrated with related business applications and processes
  • Develop dashboards and reporting

Client Results

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RevGen Partners


The game has changed. Driving successful sales today is far more complex and data-intensive than ever before. To drive profitability, growth, and customer loyalty, today’s sales teams must utilize an agile approach that provides the right information at just the right time. This requires more alignment between customer-facing teams and greater focus on the entire customer experience to achieve desired business outcomes.

Kirk Mielenz, Executive Vice President

RevGen Partners