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A Winning Combination: SIM Tank and KidsTek

Empowering Colorado tech entrepreneurs and kids

Author: Cara Athmann

Three local technology start-ups wowed a crowd of 100 local IT leaders as they pitched their ideas ala CNBC’s Shark Tank at the fifth annual SIM Tank, organized by the Colorado chapter of Society for Information Management.  While the winning start-up walked away with $5,000 and invaluable new relationships, the other big winner of the night was KidsTek, SIM Tank’s non-profit partner.

Who pitched?

Zestful set the stage with a strong start.  If you’re in technology, and these days… in any industry, you know there is a battle to attract and retain talent.  And we all know how costly and disruptive employee turnover is.  We also know that shared experiences go a long way with employee happiness and employers’ stickiness.  So where does Zestful fit in?  They provide an integrated platform that allows companies to easily browse and purchase fun team events.

PlayMakerIQ was up second to tell their story.  The days of training binders and week-long training classes are a thing of the past.  However, training people to perform their job functions effectively is still critical to business.  PlayMakerIQ offers a new instruction delivery vehicle that is mobile, effective, and engaging.

Last, but certainly not least, Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership told their story.  Anyone else tired of sitting in traffic or ever shrinking airplane seats?  The answers to those questions are a resounding yes.  As the individual innovators focus on the technology to build safe and fast Hyperloops to propel humans and goods hundreds of miles in mere minutes, a lot of work and collaboration remains to make this a reality.  The Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership is a non-profit organization serving as the hub for information, collaboration, and research to foster Hyperloop development.

Who won?

Zestful was the big winner!  They took home the big prize and I’m sure earned some new leads from companies looking for creative and efficient ways to increase employee engagement.

Who else got a giant check?

Thanks to donations and SIM Tank sponsorships (RevGen was a proud silver sponsor), KidsTek received a $20,000 check at the end of the night. And the audience got to hear from an impressive Hinkley High School student who shared how her KidsTek experiences have inspired her to pursue a career path in technology.

KidsTek is a non-profit committed to promoting digital literacy for high needs Colorado schools through technology education.  They like to say they “want to provide the ‘T’ for Colorado’s underserved youth.”  If you’re interested in donating or supporting KidsTek, you can check out their website for more information.

Winning Combinations

I was proud to represent both RevGen and SIM Colorado at SIM Tank. The event was inspiring as it encouraged and empowered local tech entrepreneurs while also raising funds to empower Colorado’s underserved youth through marketable technology skills. The future looks bright!

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