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Partnering with the DPS Foundation to Support Community and Corporate Engagement

For 2022 and 2023, we worked with the DPS Foundation to help support and enable their new community and corporate engagement framework.

RevGen volunteers pose for a photo after helping out at the Valverde Elementary 100th Anniversary party.

Through RevGenerosity — our commitment to community — we dedicate resources to make a lasting positive impact by fulfilling our why statement: We believe in empowering people — employees, clients, and those within our communities — so we may all aspire to be more.

A signature component of our programming is a partnership with a local non-profit for whom we provide pro-bono, in-kind, volunteer, and financial support. In 2022 and 2023, we partnered with the Denver Public Schools Foundation (DPSF) who had just launched a new framework, CLASS: Community Leads and Students Succeed, to drive school-based partnerships toward making a greater impact on improving student and school outcomes. Our pro-bono projects over two years helped to bring the framework to life.

“In year one, RevGen provided the metrics and framework to bring our new impact model to life! And then in year two, they continued to amaze us by developing tools that will allow us to effectively and efficiently on-board new partners and scale our program.” – Richard Tagle, then-CEO

In 2022, RevGen applied our expertise in Analytics & Insights to help DPS Foundation measure and communicate the impact of CLASS so corporate partners can see the tangible impact their financial support is providing. The RevGenerosity pro bono team helped define what success looks like for each of the four quadrants that underlie the CLASS framework: student academic growth, life skills and social emotional learning, family engagement, and educator leadership development. We then assessed existing DPS data and identified success metrics that could be used to measure impact annually.

We built on the work we completed in 2022 with a project in 2023 to help DPSF expand CLASS to additional schools and recruit more corporate sponsors. RevGen’s Customer Experience practitioners designed a scalable onboarding journey informed by the needs expressed by stakeholders — principals, community partners, and DPSF staff. In addition, we created onboarding resources for participating schools and community partners that align CLASS funding with the framework’s vision. With the tools we designed to successfully manage CLASS activities and relationships, RevGen has empowered DPS Foundation, principals, and partners to positively impact students, their families, schools, and broader community.

“It was personally very fulfilling to be part of this project. The work we did will better enable DPS Foundation to bring corporate partners into direct involvement of supporting, understanding, and uplifting the students and families within their communities. The resources streamline the CLASS program and allow more time for collaboration and creativity – ultimately adding to the success of students in my own community.”  – Audra Burkhart, Senior Consultant at RevGen

In addition to the pro bono work, DPS Foundation connected us with a different elementary school each year for volunteer opportunities. In 2023, we approached volunteering as a CLASS partner at Valverde Elementary — giving us firsthand experience that informed the pro bono work as well.

Throughout the year, groups of RevGeners responded to the needs identified by the principal and her leadership team: decorating the auditorium in preparation for a band concert; assembling take-home learning packets so teachers could focus on teaching; converting walls into outdoor chalkboards for kids to express their creativity; volunteering at the school’s 100th birthday celebration so teachers and staff could join in the fun; and wrapping up the year with a gift drive to deliver “a need and a want” to 59 students and grocery gift cards to their parents. The gift drive included a holiday volunteer event which brought together RevGeners and their families to wrap the gifts and make cards in our office.

In the words of our volunteer leader, “The importance of fostering a sense of togetherness and empathy cannot be overstated. The impact goes beyond academics; it extends to fostering a sense of community, instilling confidence, and nurturing dreams. Volunteering at an underserved elementary school is not just about addressing educational disparities; it is a commitment to building a foundation of hope and opportunity, creating a brighter future for generations to come.”

RevGenerosity is the embodiment of our why statement and our values of Stewardship and Enjoyment. The positive impact we have on the community comes back to us individually and collectively in multitudes.


To learn more about RevGenerosity, visit our Community Involvement site.

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