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Execution as a Service

Achieving measurable results through enhanced throughput: customized execution with optimized processes

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RevGen’s Execution as a Service (ExaaS) focuses on tangible outcomes, accelerates time to value, and is measured by throughput and velocity vs. discrete deliverables. Our built-in quality brings high-performing teams with technology- and industry-relevant expertise leveraging continuous improvement backed by RevGen’s time-tested delivery methodology and quality people.
  Each ExaaS engagement caters to specific client situations. We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver targeted value to those particular areas of the organization. By remaining flexible and scalable, our team's expertise can grow and shrink based on the demand of each engagement. We offer a unique capacity-based engagement model for a set capability via a multi-disciplinary team able to serve across the entire delivery lifecycle.

Our Approach

RevGen’s ExaaS distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating a proven delivery approach with a commitment to quality, highlighted by our seasoned professionals. Our approach ensures you achieve your objectives, while remaining adaptable and scalable. We meticulously tailor each engagement to address the unique needs of our clients, so we can deliver targeted value to specific areas within your organization.

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  • Start of project, with resources identified to understand the current state, and provide recommendations into the Accelerate phase
  • Improving communication
  • Increased transparency
  • Workload prioritization and backlog management
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  • Experienced RevGen resources focused on quick initial impact, laying the groundwork on iterative improvements for the Execute Phase
  • Quick wins for stakeholders
  • Efficiency gains and process improvements for future state
  • Addressing business needs and organizational goals
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  • Dedicated RevGen management resources focused on product/service ownership and client delivery
  • Needs of the business
  • Steward to the organization
  • Additional opportunities for improvement
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  • Closing any outstanding deliverables or projects by providing code to repositories and any additional information necessary
  • Providing client transition plan, training resources, and videos
  • Refining internal documentation for the client team to be successful

Core Expertise

RevGen has cultivated core expertise in specific service areas, enabling us to provide exceptional execution to our clients. Our approach leverages a strategic combination of best-in-class processes and a deep understanding of these strategic areas of your business. By seamlessly integrating these elements, we aim to accelerate your business towards successful results.
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BI as a Service

Business Intelligence encompasses many components of our Analytics and Insights service areas. Our BI as a Service offering fills specific skills and resource gaps from strategic and advisory, to tactical design and development, to a fully outsourced managed service which will provide on-going delivery of key analytics, insights, and reporting.

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Digital Solutions

Digital solutions, also known as custom application development, are an effective way for businesses to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve customer or employee engagement in a way “off-the-shelf” solutions cannot. We provide overall governance and technical resources to deliver on key development backlog priorities.

Why RevGen

RevGen leverages our core service areas to provide deep functional expertise in ExaaS engagements. We have already established repeatable and effective processes to help your business deliver results at scale.

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Our Experts

A headshot of Ken Monblatt

Ken Monblatt

Ken is a Director of Client Success with 30+ years of experience helping clients with enterprise-wide strategic growth and transformation strategies. His expertise in business transformation and project execution enables him to deliver meaningful results, ensuring strategy and outcomes are aligned.

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Drew Strong

Drew strong is a Senior Manager with over 17+ years of experience enabling client success. As a leader, he balances the complexity of database development, BI reporting, and technical knowledge with the people-development/leadership component of managing teams.

ExaaS Success Stories

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Continuous Agile Success: Customer-Focused Backlog Prioritization

Execution as a ServiceDigital Enablement

Due to team consolidation in anticipation of a new technology launch, our client’s Agile backlog was a mix of competing priorities from several departments that often had conflicting goals.

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The cloud being shown via a mobile device

Healthcare Meets the Cloud

Execution as a ServiceTechnology Services

Our client, a healthcare startup, needed our help developing and executing on a secure, scalable, cloud architecture.

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Enabling Software Success: How RevGen Laid the Foundation for a Smooth Platform Transition

Execution as a ServiceTechnology ServicesDigital Enablement

While our client’s new health insurance claims platform covered many bases, they needed RevGen’s help to migrate business-critical reporting and retain a unique competitive differentiator 

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